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Description: A property that numerically describes a weapon's or shield's slice damage, for comparison purposes. Typically populated by Template:Weapon.
Type: Number

There are currently 2667 items in this property, 1545 of which are incomplete, and 1553 of which are outdated.

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FAREWELL bolt +3  +
Fang-like curved steel dagger with a cabochon peridot pommel stone +2  +
Fang-pearl inlaid carving knife +2  +
Fang-tipped spear with a sailcloth wrapped grip +3  +
Fearsome battle axe +9  +
Fel-hafted spiked hara +0  +
Fiery red broadsword +8  +
Fiery red steelstar +3  +
Fiery red steelstars +3  +
Filigree bodice dagger +2  +
Fine brass bowyer's knife with a bloodgem-inlaid teak handle +2  +
Fine slate ulu with a carved walrus-tusk grip +5  +
Fine steel throwing dagger with an intricate scrimshaw hilt +2  +
Finely balanced cutlass etched with a skull and crossbones +7  +
Finely balanced kastneth adorned with a carved granite pommel in the form of a raven +4  +
Finely balanced tago +4  +
Finely chiseled obsidian battle axe +10  +
Finely etched cutlass with a black sharkskin hilt +7  +
Finely honed sabre adorned with a brass hilt-guard shaped like a wren in flight +3  +
Finely honed sabre adorned with a brass hiltguard shaped like a wren in flight +3  +
Finely-honed Prydaen Predator's spear with a twisted shaft +4  +, 2  +
Finely-polished double-headed axe etched with the image of a stylized buck +17  +
Fire-blackened katar +4  +
Fire-gilded spear tethered with a dark blue pennon +3  +
Fire-hardened steel horseshoe stamped with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild +0  +
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