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Description: This property is for declairing that an article is associated with a specific guild. Mostly for use in narrowing during searches.
Type: page
Allows Value: bard, barbarian, cleric, empath, moon mage, necromancer, paladin, ranger, thief, trader, warrior mage, creature, commoner

There are currently 5552 items in this property, 1705 of which are incomplete, and 139 of which are outdated.


This property has the following 1 subproperty:


Facts about Guild association isRDF feed
Allows valueThis property is a special property in this wiki.bard  +, barbarian  +, cleric  +, empath  +, moon mage  +, necromancer  +, paladin  +, ranger  +, thief  +, trader  +, warrior mage  +, creature  + and commoner  +
Has typeThis property is a special property in this wiki.Page  +
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