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Basic Maker's Marks and Fixes! · on 06/12/2011 02:15 AM CDT 20
Howdy everyone. I just released Basic Maker's marks to the game. These marks require a certain level of crafting prestige in ANY of the crafting disciplines to purchase. The instructions must then be crafted into a basic stamp by a crafter who knows the maker's mark design technique. Right now the only place to purchase these instructions, is through an arch past the entrance of the Forging Society in Riverhaven. More locations will be added as new forges are released.

This crafter does NOT have to be the person who bought the instructions - however the instructions WILL produce a mark tied to the person who bought them. The stamp has your initials on it, and we don't allow people to go stamping things with each other's stamps.

If you have trouble making a mark, try using an easier material like lead or bronze. You don't need to make a 100% quality mark to use it, but anything below 50% is unlikely to be readable.

Advanced Maker's Marks, and a method to convert existing marks is still in the works. Just trying to release stuff as I get it done, rather than sitting on it for months :P

Other updates -

Stirring rods are now craftable using the Masonry Methods technique under Chapter 1 of the Carving Book

The instruction pages for each tool now give a clue as to what governs their potency

A new forge for Shard is close to being complete.

Reclaiming items should now work properly.

Work Order Payout increased a bit.

Experience for crafting increased a bit.

Forge materials were downgraded now that mining is out. You can still train just fine using storebought materials.

Slightly reduced the bonus from using high quality tools and ingredients (It is still quite substantial).

Please let me know if you have any problems with it!

This message was originally posted in Lore \ GameMaster Announcements - Lore, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.
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