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Character Pages

Feel free to add your character (via a character page) to the Player Characters category. To do this, simply create a new page with your character's name (first name only please), insert the desired information.

You can use our {{Player character}} template to create a small table for your character. This will also place your character in the appropriate categories. To use, copy paste the code below and replace the information with your own.

{{Player character 
| Player Name = Firstname Lastname 
| Status      = a/d/r (active/dead/retired)
| Race        = Replace with your race
| Gender      = Replace with your gender
| Guild       = Replace with your guild 
| Instance    = Prime/TF/Platinum (use "," to list multiple instances)
| Relative    = First name(s) of other player characters related to you (use "," to separated each)

Official Positions

Some PCs also hold official positions within the various governments and organizations of Elanthia. These are referred to as Player Character "Positions of Importance".

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