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Ysselt Ja'Haadraan
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Jaarant Haadraan, Yulianne Sora'Zuhaich, Taleek Rippentropp, Laertas Daemondred



At the time of her wedding to Mazrian, 389AV. (1/5/08)

Ysselt Ja'Haadraan, Lady-in-Waiting of Zoluren, an Elf.
She has almond-shaped pale jade eyes accentuated by dark arched eyebrows and opaline skin with a faint rosy blush on her high cheekbones. She has thick, waist-length blue-black hair with red-gold streaks that is braided into a labyrinthine arrangement favored by the Forest Elves.
Her oval face is elongated somewhat by a long classical nose.
She is tiny for an Elf.
She has a tattoo of a king snake twining around her right forearm down to her wrist. A labyrinthine pattern of tiny vela'tohr blossoms forms the serpent's body, each band alternating between blue-black and silvery white. The ink slithers across the skin before wending its way along the palm to the tip of the ring finger on her hand.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a pair of small lazurite hoops, a necklace of five cabochon rubies strung together with black pearls, a full-skirted scarlet watersilk gown with a tightly laced bodice, a polished platinum ring bearing the Ja'Haadraan family crest, a brushed platinum bracelet set with brilliant Imperial rubies and black pearls, a wide platinum Celestial Elf betrothal bracelet, a wide platinum wedding band bezel-set with a vivid cabochon Teiro's Hate ruby and a strappy pair of black sandals accented by a triple-tiered strand of onyx beads.

Current Appearance -405AV
You see Ysselt Ja'Haadraan of Ilithi, an Elf.
Her features are hidden behind an expressionless Elven silver half-mask sculpted into a woman's countenance.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a pair of small lazurite hoops, a twin ouroboros choker crafted from silversteel and inset with a chunk of unfinished Sunderstone, a corseted moonsilk bodice with mistsilk straps, a slender steel finger claw set with a cabochon royal Zoluren topaz, some ebony black silk trousers clasped with carved onyx buttons and a pair of highly polished boots with golden heels.


Born in Leth Deriel to a displaced Mountain Elf named Jaraant Haadraan and to a spoiled Forest Elf, Yulianne Sora'Zuhaich at the family home called Zuhaich Hall and fostered in Aesry under the Seamstress Miakoda to learn a practical trade, Ysselt was also given ample educational opportunities.

Always a religious child, Ysselt considered joining clerical service, but found the guild not suited to her. Instead, she happened on the recently re-opened bard guild and (to the dismay of her mother) joined the guild. During this time she also met her half-brother, Taleek Ana-Kaidin (now Rippentropp), a product of one of her father's many dalliances.

As time passed, Ysselt's mother began to look for a suitable husband for her daughter. Yulianne objected to the man her daughter was keeping company with, Alzbar Raizonglin and feeling bound by duty, Ysselt succumbed to the pressure of her mother and married Mazrian Daemondred in 389AV.

Affiliations, past and present

While affiliated heavily in the past only with the Bard's Guild, Ysselt moved away from sole dependency on her guild and its members. Her first major association was with the first incarnation The Sanguine Eye. Lured in by a promise of knowledge, she left the group when it became clear the group was turning into the necromantic oriented-group it is today.

After leaving the group, Ysselt was on her own for a short time before she joined court life in Zoluren as Princess Arilana's lady-in-waiting. Ysselt served in this capacity, most notably raising funds for the Zoluren Orphanage for almost four years, resigning her position shortly after her first marriage.

After some time, Ysselt moved to Ilithi, where she was honoured to meet Queen Morganae who charged her with the care of Alrina, a position she held until Alrina retired to the Chateau on Ain Ghazal, the home of the Rose Sisters with Sister Vethine. This position was held concurrently with her tenure as Emissary to the Mountain Court. When all Ambassadorial positions were terminated by order of the Ferdahl in 397AV, Ysselt became unattached to the Ilithi Court.

Currently, she has taken a somewhat more religious bent, and has been travelling around Kermoria spreading the blessings and love of Peri'el. She reappears occasionally at her own whim to revisit with family and friends.

Personality and Tidbits

Ysselt is a quiet woman with an obvious dislike of her mother and open adoration for her father. Owing to her father's lavish attentions, she is spoiled and sheltered despite being well-read. Her naivety is balanced by her willingness and ability to communicate well with the people around her, although she is extremely shy around strangers, and has bouts of stubbornness.

  • Is a published artist, her piece entitled "The Ja'Haadran-Daemondred Marriage" currently hangs in the Raven's Court Art Gallery.
  • Appointed Nursemaid to Lady Alrina by specific command of Queen Morganae in 393AV, position ended in late 394AV when Alrina was rendered into the care of Rose Sister Vethine and removed to Ain Ghazal.
  • Appointed Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Arilana of Zoluren in 385AV until her resignation upon her marriage to Mazrian in 389AV.
  • Appointed Emissary to the Mountain Court in 394AV until termination of the position by Ferdahl Aemmin in 397AV.
  • Married to Mazrian Daemondred 389AV to 395AV, they have one child, a son named Laertas who was born in 394AV on the 21st day of Akroeg the Ram, in the year of the Golden Panther.
  • Married to Pormithius Zengel in 395AV until 398AV.
  • Half sister to Taleek (Ana-Kaiden) Rippentropp.

OOC Information

You may view a livejournal that is kept by the player of Ysselt for the purposes of information. Please be very cautious about what information from the journal is taken in-game as hardly anything would be available to players, and anything that would be would be either directly told to them by Ysselt or a loose lipped confidante. The journal is currently friends only, so you must have a livejournal account (free) to read it, and submit a friend request. The journal is part of a larger community effort project, The Book of Tales.

Ysselt's Journal [1]
Book of Tales Community [2]
AIM: Ysselt

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