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Incomplete Item
  • This item is incomplete, which means that while it is not a stub, it still lacks certain data or information.
Outdated Item
ilglaiks skefne
Look: Polished to a fine gleam the edges on this spear's black head bow outward slightly before meeting in a deadly point.
Type: Polearms \ Heavy Thrown
Puncture: heavy (9/26)
Slice: low (3/26)
Impact: low (3/26)
Force of Impact: Unknown
Balance: fairly (5/17)
Suitedness: fairly (5/17)
Construction: somewhat flimsywarning.png"somewhat flimsy" is not in the list of possible values (practically invulnerable, nearly impervious, unusually resilient, extremely resistant, very strong, highly protected, quite guarded, average construction, a bit safeguarded, rather reinforced, marginally vulnerable, appreciably susceptible, somewhat unsound, particularly weak, rather flimsy, quite fragile, very delicate, extremely weak) for this property. (/17)
Metal: No
Weight: 40 stones
Appraised Cost: 7,500 Kronars7.5 ring
7.5 Scrips
7.5 Tickets
5,412 Dokoras
7.5 LTBpoints
Special Properties:
  • This weapon is styled or has special functions for Rakash.
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Sold by Kifa Awrocis (Siksraja) for 7,500 Lirums
Sold by Kifa Awrocis (2) for 7,500 Kronars
Source is Kifa Awrocis (Siksraja), Kifa Awrocis (3), Kifa Awrocis (2)

Ilglaiks skefne means "long spear" in Rakash.

Facts about Ilglaiks skefneRDF feed
Appraised cost is7,500 Kronars (7.5 ring, 7.5 Scrips, 7.5 Tickets, 5,412 Dokoras, 7.5 LTBpoints, 6,000 Lirums, 7.5 SimuCoins)  +
Balance isfairly  +
Balance is number5  +
Construction is
Has item propertyrakash style  +
Impact damage islow  +
Impact damage is number3  +
Ireview0  +
Is combat typePolearms  + and Heavy Thrown  +
Is incompletetrue  +
Is metalfalse  +
Is outdatedtrue  +
Item type isSpear  +
MissingInfobox entry on force of impact  +
Noun isskefne  +
Page type isweapon  +
Puncture damage isheavy  +
Puncture damage is number9  +
Race association isRakash  +
Rare itemfalse  +
Rare sourcefalse  +
Slice damage islow  +
Slice damage is number3  +
Source isKifa Awrocis (Siksraja)  +, Kifa Awrocis (2)  + and Kifa Awrocis (3)  +
Suitedness isfairly  +
Suitedness is number5  +
Uses colorblack  +
Weight of40  +
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