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Waerd Azmu
Status: Unknown
Guild: Unknown
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown


He has milky white eyes and dark green skin.
He is young for a Gor'Tog.
He is holding a tankard of Gor'Tog bloodgrog in his right hand.
He is wearing some supple hunting leathers, a black dragon-painted shield, a buckskin cloak, some fringed leather pants, a worn leather backpack, a sturdy weapon harness, a cougar-hide eyepatch, a studded leather collar, a leather waterskin, some studded leather gloves, a thigh quiver, some bear-hide boots, a studded leather helm, a crocodile tooth earring and a Nisha short bow.

Summary from The Wren's Nest

by Sechan Illistim (Shard, Illithi: 266 Moliko 354 -- Publication date 02-Jul-1998) Today a man named Waerd Azmu [Ed Note: This name is also the Gamgweth words for Dragon Knife.] arrived in town claiming to be a bounty hunter chasing after a criminal from Shard, namely the Artisan Lailoni. Waerd provided no proof of his contract or status as a bounty hunter.

She attempted to flee, but Waerd pursued her and killed her. Waerd was killed soon after. Lailoni gathered help and a fairly large group travelled to Shard from the Crossing, searching for her pet, a brown ship rat.

In Shard, some of the members of this group turned on Lailoni and sided with Waerd, namely a mage named Lanthander. These people wished to see Lailoni dead, and took her before the authorities of the city. She stood before Sentinel Mitzasha, and stood in the Halls of Justice, but no officials named her as a criminal.

After each of these appearances before the Shard authorities, Lailoni went off on her own, looking for her dead rat. Our group escorted Lailoni to Astrar's Sorrow, and later to the Shrine of the World Dragon, each time pursued by Lanthander.

It was not until in the Shrine that it was discovered that Lailoni's rat was dead, and soon after she went off on her own, and hasn't been seen since.

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