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Welcome to Elanthipedia! Please have a look at our help section for a quick reference on how to get started. If you need anything, feel free to leave a note on my talk page, at our Town Green, or via my IM at KraelystTheHand.

--Kraelyst (talk) Oct 26, 2007

New Additions

Thanks for checking in. I appreciate all of the items that you've added over the past few days. (This is the section of Elanthipedia to which I contribute the most.)

Whenever I review other editors' item contributions, I am primarily checking for formatting issues, such as:

  • For items with no look, use a hyphen (-) instead of typing "You see nothing unusual."
  • MTags, CTags, and STags: these are the blanks on the form where you can list materials, colors, and symbols, respectively. They allow users to search for items with particular properties. You can list more than one of each type. Just separate them by commas; the order is irrelevant. (For example, the MTag for ankle-high suede moccasins with sheepskin lining would contain "suede,sheepskin."
  • For colors, I usually just list the main color adjective used. (A "dark blue" item would have just "blue" in the CTag.) However, if the color is more fanciful or descriptive, I include that as well. (A "sapphire blue" item would have "sapphire,blue" in the CTag.)
  • For materials and symbols, use only the singular form. (An item that is embroidered with "lions" would just have "lion" in the STag.)
  • For items that are not any of the types listed in the item form, select the hyphen. This indicates that the item is some other type.
  • For appraisal values and prices greater than 999, use commas. (For example, 1625 should be written as 1,625.)
  • I often click the "What links here" link in the left-hand menu to check for additional sources. (If an item is listed on a shop page, "What links here" will tell you.)

If you use Genie, my Elanthipedia Items does most of the work for you. --Isharon 19:11, 16 August 2011 (UTC)

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