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Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Prime


Formerly Arbitrator Bedan, Auditor of Ilithi.

The final act of a madman was recorded some time ago now. The figure who had previously argued on behalf of Veyne in the town square was last seen by witnesses running through the streets from the temple to the shrine of Kertigen near the Trader's Guild building. Screams of anguish are all that are left for his final words. The many wounds covering his body, still oozing an Anlas later when the body was finally moved, served as testimony to the final act of a man who had lost his mind. The body burned, the soul eternally separated from this plane, the final chapter stands written.

Bedan is no more.

Player Information

For the meanwhile, I can still be contacted on AIM via the name DRBedan.

As everything concerning Bedan seems to have died in game around the same moment that I walked him, I'd be more than happy to answer questions about his role and background, though I will cut short of discussing anything that could affect or come back against any characters still playing.

I will not, however, under any circumstances, talk about any presently running event or character in DragonRealms.

Bedan aside, my background in gaming goes back to the early 90's with an IRC based RP game, leading into a number of MU* based RP games from the mid-90's through the early 00's. DR is the first game I have played that both has character skills as well as a multi-character policy, so when an RP opportunity presents itself, I will tend to stop training skills entirely and focus on the dialog and stories, and while I am a Premium subscriber, my other characters are used simply to help me organize my vaults.

As a few people have asked, I might as well post here that I really do have the intent of walking the characters I make. I enjoy finality. Besides, the last thing anyone wants is for someone to dramatically change RP styles and 'turn over a new leaf' while smiling and telling everyone to just forget about everything that previously happened. Life has consequences, I embrace the finality of death in my characters. Life is good.

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