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God of mortal man, mercy, and forgiveness, his blessings are invaluable in resurrections and the granting of health, stamina, strength, and magical power. Truffenyi is like a father unto the inhabitants of Elanthia, and his demeanor can best be described as indulgent, but stern. He is quick to grant favor on the deserving, but his firm nature can make him a difficult master to serve.




Other Aspects

Light - Alamhif
Dark - Huldah

Altar Locations

Proper Offerings

  • grass
  • lit tobacco and cigars
  • ox beads
  • parchment ox primers
  • Immortal Truffenyi cards

Kaldaran Version

The god of parentage, civilization, and morality. A stern, fatherly figure, it is Truffenyi who taught the Kaldar of civilization and honor, and he who warned them away from the Gorbesh's empire building. While highly respected by the Kaldar, his worship has waned since exposure to Kermorian beliefs, as he has become tainted by his strong association with weaker races. His symbol is a pine tree.

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