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All civilization falls under the patronage of Tamsine, Goddess of the Hearth and Home. The town of Fostra's Haven in particular considers Tamsine to be their patron, but technically any organized settlement can call her their mother. Tamsine's domestic skills -- cooking, weaving, brewing, and so on -- are unparalleled. Her smile brings peace to households and soothes frazzled nerves. Her blessing must be sought before construction on temples, public buildings, and houses can be begun. Those who do not give the goddess her due will surely suffer for the oversight later by a visit from the vicious Harawep.

Commune Quest Description

The cat gazes sleepily at you, and then, amazingly, speaks! "Greetings, [Cleric]," she purrs. "Welcome to the home of my mistress, Tamsine."

The cat continues, "Tamsine, as you may know, is the sweet goddess of hearth and home. She has three aspects -- Tamsine, her primary one, Albreda, her bright one, and Harawep, which is a face mortals rarely see, or wish to see."

"Tamsine's symbol is the cat, Albreda's is the dove's, Harawep's the black widow spider. Tamsine's favor is often called upon when blessings upon a house would be granted. Albreda is the bearer of peace, her gentle ministrations bring treaties and help to watch over orphaned children. Harawep seeks only to destroy, and those who do not offer things unto her will find the appeasement of her rage a hard thing to do."


Other Aspects

Light - Albreda
Dark - Harawep

Altar Locations

Proper Offerings

  • bobcat pelts
  • food and beverages
  • fish
  • origami cats
  • cat beads
  • parchment cat primers
  • Immortal Tamsine cards
  • Cat-shaped candles (made with Candlemaking)

Kaldaran Version

The goddess of peace, family, and healing. Consort to Truffenyi, it is she who enforces peace between the Kaldar and the Gorbesh, and she who shelters warriors on the field of battle so that they may return to their spouses and children. Her symbol is a kite shield.

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