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Spell abbreviations

ABRV Spell Name Spellbook
ABAN Abandoned Heart Nocturnes and Requiems
AO Abeyant Orison Divine Intervention
ACS Acid Splash Synthetic Creation
AEG Aegis of Granite Earth Manipulation
AD Aesandry Darlaeth Life Force Manipulation
AE Aesrela Everild Divine Intervention
AC Aether Cloak Aether Manipulation
AEL Aether Lance Aether Manipulation
ALA Aether Lash Aether Manipulation
AEWO Aether Wolves Concertos and Sonatas
AB Air Bubble Air Manipulation
AG Alamhif's Gift Sacrifice
BALM Albreda's Balm Ballads and Romances
ANC Anther's Call Earth Manipulation
AS Anti Stun Inspiration
AL Arc Light Electricity Manipulation
ASP Asphyxiate Air Manipulation
AURA Aura of Tongues Concertos and Sonatas
AUS Aura Sight Perception
Avren Aevareae Moonlight Manipulation
AF Awaken Forest Nature Manipulation
BALL Ball Lightning Electricity Manipulation
BOT Banner of Truce Inspiration
BATS Battle Sphere Evocation Sorcery
BES Bear Strength Animal Abilities
BECK Beckon the Naga Concertos and Sonatas
Benediction Holy Defense
BF Bitter Feast Spirit Manipulation
BLEND Blend Wilderness Survival
BLESS Bless Holy Enchantments
BLB Blood Burst Blood Magic
BDR Blood Drain Perversion Necromancy
BPUP Blood Puppet Perversion Necromancy
BLSH Blood Shield Perversion Necromancy
BS Blood Staunching Body Purification
Bloodstorm Perversion Necromancy
BW Bond Weapon Justice
BB Branch Break Nature Manipulation
BOS Breath of Storms Allegros and Capriccios
BU Burn Transduction
BUE Butcher's Eye Transcendental Necromancy
CAIS Caiman Swim Animal Abilities
CH Calcified Hide Transcendental Necromancy
CFB Call from Beyond Animation
SIRE Call of the Siren Concertos and Sonatas
CARE Caress of the Sun Allegros and Capriccios
Centering Spirit Manipulation
CL Chain Lightning Electricity Manipulation
CS Cheetah Swiftness Animal Abilities
CHS Chill Spirit Spirit Manipulation
MADM Chorus of Madmen Nocturnes and Requiems
CG Clarify Gem Moonlight Manipulation
Clarity Justice
COTC Claws of the Cougar Animal Abilities
CV Clear Vision Perception
Compost Nature Manipulation
COE Confound Enemies Holy Defense
Confusion Psychic Projection
CF Consume Flesh Transcendental Necromancy
CONT Contingency Transduction
Corruption Corruption Necromancy
Courage Inspiration
CRC Crusader's Challenge Sacrifice
CRS Crystal Spike Moonlight Manipulation
CD Cure Disease Body Purification
COTW Curse of the Wilds Nature Manipulation
COZ Curse of Zachriedek Holy Enchantments
LULL Damaris' Lullaby Ballads and Romances
DOTD Dance of the Dead Corruption Necromancy
DAC Dancing Cadaver Corruption Necromancy
DHOI Dark Heart of Incineration Blackfire Sorcery
Darkness Moonlight Manipulation
DAZ Dazzle Moonlight Manipulation
DMRS Demrris' Resolve Concertos and Sonatas
DEMA Desert's Maelstrom Allegros and Capriccios
Devitalize Nature Manipulation
DO Dinazen Olkar Moonlight Manipulation
DG Distant Gaze Perception
DA Divine Armor Justice
DIG Divine Guidance Inspiration
DR Divine Radiance Holy Enchantments
DB Dragon's Breath Fire Manipulation
DWC Dreamweaver's Charm Ballads and Romances
DRUM Drums of the Snake Allegros and Capriccios
EC Eagle's Cry Nature Manipulation
EM Earth Meld Wilderness Survival
EAS Earth Sense Earth Manipulation
EASE Ease Burden Analogous Patterns
CRY Eillie's Cry Nocturnes and Requiems
EB Energy Bolt Analogous Patterns
EMA Energy Manacles Evocation Sorcery
EU Enrage Undergrowth Nature Manipulation
FISS Ethereal Fissure Aether Manipulation
ES Ethereal Shield Aether Manipulation
EOTB Eyes of the Blind Corruption
ESH External Scar Healing Healing
EWH External Wound Healing Healing
EYE Eye of Kertigen Concertos and Sonatas
EF Eylhaar's Feast Spirit Manipulation
FAE Faenella's Grace Ballads and Romances
FAIL Failure of the Forge Nocturnes and Requiems
FEAR Fear Domination Sorcery
FB Fire Ball Fire Manipulation
FOU Fire of Ushnish Divine Intervention
FR Fire Rain Fire Manipulation
FS Fire Shard Fire Manipulation
FF Fist of Faenella Holy Enchantments
FOS Fist of Stone Earth Manipulation
FP Flush Poisons Body Purification
FM Focus Moonbeam Moonlight Manipulation
BOON Forestwalker's Boon Protection
FOI Fortress of Ice Water Manipulation
FRS Frost Scythe Water Manipulation
FRB Frostbite Water Manipulation
GZ Gar Zeng Electricity Manipulation
GM Gather Mana Life Force Manipulation
GOL Gift of Life Life Force Manipulation
GG Glythtide's Gift Divine Intervention
JOY Glythtide's Joy Concertos and Sonatas
GRIZ Grizzly Claw Animal Abilities
GS Guardian Spirit Protection
HALO Halo Holy Defense
HALT Halt Justice
HOT Hand of Tenemlor Holy Enchantments
HOJ Hands of Justice Justice
HOL Hands of Lirisa Wilderness Survival
HB Harawep's Bonds Nature Manipulation
HE Harm Evil Holy Enchantments
HH Harm Horde Holy Enchantments
HARM Harmony Allegros and Capriccios
HS Heal Scars Healing
HW Heal Wounds Healing
HW Heal Wounds Healing
HL Heart Link Mental Preparation
HP Heighten Pain Blood Magic
HES Heroic Strength Inspiration
LILT Hodierna's Lilt Ballads and Romances
HOW Holy Warrior Justice
HORN Horn of the Unicorn Holy Enchantments
HULP Huldah's Pall Divine Intervention
CALM Hypnotize Psychic Projection
IP Ice Patch Water Manipulation
IDON Idon's Theft Divine Intervention
IMB Imbue Transduction
Incinerate Blackfire Sorcery
INN Innocence Protection
ISH Internal Scar Healing Healing
IWH Internal Wound Healing Healing
IOE Invocation of Energy Transduction
ION Invocation of Names Teleologic Sorcery
KAEL Kalestraum's Darkrift Domination Sorcery
KW Kertigen's Will Holy Defense
KS Kura-Silma Transcendental Necromancy
LETH Lethargy Life Force Manipulation
LB Lightning Bolt Electricity Manipulation
LD Limb Disruption Evocation Sorcery
Locate Perception
MAB Magnetic Ballista Earth Manipulation
MAPP Major Physical Protection Holy Defense
Malediction Holy Enchantments
MDIS Mana Disruption Domination Sorcery
MOF Mantle of Flame Fire Manipulation
MOA Mark of Arhat Fire Manipulation
MO Marshal Order Inspiration
MPOM Mass Persistence of Memory Spirit Manipulation
MB Mental Blast Psychic Projection
MC Meraud's Cry Divine Intervention
MERE Merelew's Legacy Allegros and Capriccios
MIAT Miasmic Touch Perversion Necromancy
Mind Shout Psychic Projection
MPP Minor Physical Protection Holy Defense
Misdirection Concertos and Sonatas
Moonblade Transduction
MG Moongate Transduction
MF Murrula's Flames Divine Intervention
MUSE Muse's Inspiration Allegros and Capriccios
NAGA Naga's Blessing Concertos and Sonatas
TEAR Naming of Tears Ballads and Romances
NC Nature's Canopy Wilderness Survival
NF Nesrae's Focus Mental Preparation
NEXUS Nexus Concertos and Sonatas
NB Nissa's Binding Mental Preparation
Obfuscation Corruption
OM Osrel Meraud Holy Enchantments
PW Paeldryth's Wrath Air Manipulation
PD Partial Displacement Transduction
POM Persistence of Mana Holy Enchantments
PV Petrifying Visions Corruption
PS Phelim's Sanction Divine Intervention
PHP Philosopher's Preservation Transcendental Necromancy
PYRE Phoenix's Pyre Allegros and Capriccios
PG Piercing Gaze Perception
PIPE Piper's Vengeance Nocturnes and Requiems
PLS Plague of Scavengers Nature Manipulation
PFE Protection from Evil Holy Defense
PSY Psychic Shield Psychic Projection
QE Quicken the Earth Animation
RAGE Rage of the Clans Allegros and Capriccios
RP Raise Power Life Force Manipulation
REPR Redeemer's Pride Ballads and Romances
RF Refractive Field Moonlight Manipulation
REF Refresh Life Force Manipulation
REG Regenerate Healing
Rejuvenation Spirit Manipulation
RESO Resonance Allegros and Capriccios
REZZ Resurrection Divine Intervention
Revelation Divine Intervention
RS Riftal Summons Transduction
RW Righteous Wrath Inspiration
Rimefang Water Manipulation
ROB Ring of Blessings Holy Enchantments
ROS Ring of Spears Earth Manipulation
Ripple Transduction
RIS Risen Shield Evocation Sorcery
RM Rising Mists Water Manipulation
SAP Sanctify Pattern Holy Enchantments
SANC Sanctuary Ballads and Romances
SC Seal Cambrinth Analogous Patterns
SOD Seal of Deflection Transduction
STW See the Wind Animal Abilities
SEER Seer's Sense Perception
SOTT Senses of the Tiger Animal Abilities
SR Sentinel's Resolve Inspiration
SOFF Servant of Five Fingers Corruption Necromancy
SET Sever Thread Teleologic Sorcery
SHM Shadewatch Mirror Stellar Magic
SSE Shadow Servant Psychic Projection
SDT Shadow Tend Corruption Necromancy
Shadow Web Moonlight Manipulation
Shadowling Psychic Projection
SH Shadows Moonlight Manipulation
SHMO Shape Moonblade Transduction
Shatter Justice
Shear Transduction
SOL Shield of Light Holy Enchantments
SM Shift Moonbeam Moonlight Manipulation
SHO Shockwave Air Manipulation
SIF Sidhlot's Flaying Corruption Necromancy
SV Siphon Vitality Blood Magic
Slumber Domination Sorcery
SHO Smite Horde Justice
SP Soldier's Prayer Inspiration
SA Soul Attrition Spirit Manipulation
SB Soul Bonding Spirit Manipulation
SOS Soul Shield Spirit Manipulation
SICK Soul Sickness Spirit Manipulation
SOP Sphere of Protection Protection
SPC Spider Climb Animal Abilities
Spiteful Rebirth Transcendental Necromancy
SU Sprout Undergrowth Nature Manipulation
SLS Starlight Sphere Stellar Magic
SD Static Discharge Electricity Manipulation
SSTR Stone Strike Earth Manipulation
STRA Strange Arrow Analogous Patterns
SF Stun Foe Justice
SUF Sure Footing Earth Manipulation
Swarm Nature Manipulation
SW Swirling Winds Air Manipulation
TW Tailwind Air Manipulation
TKS Telekinetic Storm Transduction
TKT Telekinetic Throw Transduction
TELE Teleport Transduction
TS Tenebrous Sense Perception
TV Tezirah's Veil Moonlight Manipulation
TH Thoughtcast Psychic Projection
TC Thunderclap Air Manipulation
TI Tingle Electricity Manipulation
TIP Tipping the Scales Justice
Tremor Earth Manipulation
TR Trothfang's Rally Inspiration
Uncurse Holy Enchantments
Unleash Transduction
UNNS Unnerving Symphony Nocturnes and Requiems
VOI Veil of Ice Water Manipulation
Venom Perversion Necromancy
Vertigo Air Manipulation
Vigil Spirit Manipulation
VS Viscous Solution Synthetic Creation
VOD Visions of Darkness Corruption
VH Vitality Healing Healing
Vivisection Synthetic Creation
WD Whole Displacement Transduction
WOTP Wisdom of the Pack Animal Abilities
WS Wolf Scent Animal Abilities
WORM Worm's Mist Transcendental Necromancy
YS Y'ntrel Sechra Air Manipulation
ZE Zephyr Air Manipulation
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