Scaly Seordmaor

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Scaly Seordmaor
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Skill Cap 400 to 530
Skinnable Yes
Has Coins No
Has Gems No
Has Boxes No
Evil / Undead No
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Stealth Attack
Casts Spells Yes
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy No
Special Attacks Yes
Skinning Details
Part Name seordmaor eye
Part Weight 4
Ranks Required <330
Max Value 1189 Lirums1,486.25 Kronars
1.486 ring
1.486 Scrips
1,072.478 Dokoras
1.486 LTBpoints
Max Arranged >1206 Lirums1,507.5 Kronars
1.508 ring
1.508 SimuCoins
1.508 Scrips
1.508 Tickets
Manipulatable Yes
Skill Required Unknown / Unknown
Teaching Cap 920


Sleek and black as a nightmare, the scaly seordmaor's resemblance to a panther is uncanny, but it is obviously not wholly natural -- interspersed among its glossy fur are strangely reptilian scales. Occasionally, a sparkle of blue electricity charges down its powerful form, and its flickering eyes betray more than a simple predator's sly cunning.

In Depth

Seordmaor is Gamgweth for Dark Cat.

Special Attacks

Hunting Info

  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • Attacks: Bites, Charges, Claws and Special
  • Can hunt and dance with around 390 Ranks.
  • Can Skin at 300 Ranks
  • Semi-swarmy. Spawned 5 with a solo hunter in the area.
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