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A property for declairing a spell belongs to a specific spellbook.

Pages using the property "Spellbook is"

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Abandoned Heart +Emotion Control  +
Acid Splash +Synthetic Creation  +
Adaptive Curing +Body Purification  +
Aegis of Granite +Earth Manipulation  +
Aesandry Darlaeth +Protection  +
Aesrela Everild +Divine Intervention  +
Aether Cloak +Aether Manipulation  +
Aether Wolves +Fae Arts  +
Aggressive Stance +Protection  +
Air Bubble +Air Manipulation  +
Air Lash +Air Manipulation  +
Alamhif's Gift +Sacrifice  +
Albreda's Balm +Emotion Control  +
Anther's Call +Earth Manipulation  +
Anti-Stun +Inspiration  +
Arc Light +Electricity Manipulation  +
Aspirant's Aegis +Sacrifice  +
Athleticism +Wilderness Survival  +
Aura Sight +Perception  +
Auspice +Spirit Manipulation  +
Awaken (spell) +Mental Preparation  +
Awaken Forest +Nature Manipulation  +


Banner of Truce +Justice  +
Bear Strength +Animal Abilities  +
Benediction +Holy Defense  +
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