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Re: Updated Bardic Skill List ยท on 12/15/2010 12:40:30 PM 11608
Just a note since there was confusion elsewhere on the forums about what Bardic Lore is going to do.

Mechanically Bardic Lore is the skill that will control Bardic abilities that aren't spells. Mostly these will be mojo driven abilities which should be a more natural part of the Bardic experience as opposed to something that is only brought out on rare occasions.

For example Bluffs will mostly check against Bardic Lore, though they will likely use Performance to some degree as well.

Perc History (Soon to be Evoke) is the one specific example I have at this time of a non-mojo driven ability that will be based on this skill. This will be in place of the current PP check.

Recalls will remain scholarship based.

I'll get into the lorewonkery of it at a later date.


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