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Upcoming SHIFT AGE Changes ยท on 6/15/2010 11:17:21 PM 5413
As the aging changes come closer to release, I'm able to talk in a bit more detail about what Empaths can expect to see. This is not live yet, but will be in the upcoming days or weeks.

In short, Age Shifting has been rewritten to make use of a new backend mechanic for handling this sort of thing. The important bits for you are as follows.

1) Shifts will no longer literally change someone's birthday, it is applied as a modifier to someone's real age.
1a) When this change is live, everyone who has been age shifted under the old system will have their original birthday and age restored as far as INFO and any other system that cares about birthdays and absolute age concerned.
1b) Shifted age will still impact your appearance in LOOK as it always has, and will be quantifiable through a new verb that will be released simultaneously, AGE.

This is done as part of a greater scheme for handling racial aging and age modifications in a new way. Your character's birthday is actually important for a few esoteric things in game, and no amount of supernatural bending and twisting of the body would conceivably alter it.

2) SHIFT AGE DAY and SHIFT AGE MONTH will be going away.
2a) SHIFT AGE YEAR will have its difficulty reduced to where SHIFT AGE MONTH currently is.

While we are removing options, they are being removed because they are ultimately superfluous under the new scheme. It made no sense to begin with that you could "look a day younger." In addition, with Zeyurn's blessing Empaths will gain access to the Age Shift of meaningful size much quicker than before.

3) SHIFT HELP AGE will be updated at the same time to reflect the new difficulty and reduced options.

This is done because I don't hate you.

4) This change will be backwards compatible with currently existing age shifts.
4a) Anyone who has a year or more shifted will have the number of years they've been shifted applied to the new system, ignoring any remainder. Someone who's been shifted 5 years and 2 months will be credited with 5 years of age shifting.
4b) Anyone who has been age shifted but less than a year will be credited a single year in the appropriate direction. If you've been age-shifted a day older, when the new system comes out you'll be given a year of looking old.

This is done because I don't hate your customers, either.

This message was originally posted in The Empaths (23) / Shift (20), by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.
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