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Tentative Bard Magic 3.0 Spell List ยท on 10/18/2010 6:41:34 PM 300
In the spirit of advanced notice, and because we want some player feedback on something this large, we are now posting the Bardic tentative spell list for Magic 3.0!

 A couple rules for the discussion:

 #1) Constructive criticism. I'm going to ask the Mods to be a bit harsher than usual on posts that are just 'this sucks!' without offering any sort of positive feedback. If you think something is bad, it's fine to say so, just try to politely explain reasoning.

 #2) Don't yell at each other.

 #3) Slot cost is not part of this discussion, but spells no longer have to be created equal. Therefore not all of the spells on this list cost the same amount of slots to learn. We're not going to be answering questions about it, but if a spell seems to have less (or more) effects, it may cost less (or more) spell slots.

 #4) If an effect is on a spell, it will be at capped strength for your guild. What this means is that if the skill or stat it boosts is considered to be in your 'sphere of influence' it will produce a maximized boost. If it is not it will produce a somewhat smaller boost.

 #5) Stacking boosts of the same type is strictly disallowed. If you have for example an evasion booster, then said evasion booster is as powerful as the guild is allowed to get and you won't be allowed to have a second evasion booster somewhere else.

 #6) Prerequisites are not listed, but they won't be the same. We haven't even begun to look at that yet.

Okay, I think that's enough advance rules, let's get on with the list.

Opening notes: I will list spells as Introductory, Basic, Advanced, and Esoteric. These are in order of difficulty to cast, but their power levels are not expressly different. What one is, is simply based on what the spell does. Niftier effects go to the harder side, whereas simple skill buffs tend towards the easier side.

Bard Only Note: Bards are the only guild that will have non-Esoteric Cyclic spells.

I will also list spells as Augmentation, Debilitation, Targeted, Warding, or Utility. This is the new Magic skill it will use along with PM. If you're confused by this or the above, you may want to go find previous GM posts on Magic 3.0 because I don't want to type it all again.

If it is listed as Cyclic, that means it is enchante-like. If it is not listed as Cyclic, it is a normal spell you no longer have to maintain. Bards will get some extra options to cast their spells in a manner more like how they're currently used to, but can also utilize prep / cast if they so choose.

Ballads and Romances:

Hodierna's Lilt
Basic Cyclic Augmentation. Restores Vitality, Fatigue, Spirit in area. No real change.

Faenella's Grace
Introductory Cyclic Augmentation. Improves teaching/scholar and slightly improves speed of classes in area. No real change.

Naming of Tears
Advanced Warding. Damage barrier, always on caster, pulses to groupmates.

Redeemer's Pride
Advanced Warding. SvS protection vs Fear attacks and for Will defense. Always on caster, pulses to groupmates. Any hit on groupmates lessens the entire barrier.

Damaris' Lullaby
Advanced Cyclic Debilitation.Charm vs Will. Debuffs agility, strength, reflex. Causes opponents to fall over / unconscious. No real change.

Esoteric Cyclic Utility. Strong Ward against Location, prevents Hiding / Invisibility, prevents generic creature entry.

Albreda's Balm
Basic Cyclic Utility / Debilitation. Charm vs Will to start the enchante and cause a sphere of calm.

Call of the Siren
Esoteric Cyclic Utility. Attempts to either block the spawning of creatures or attract more creatures. No change.

Allegros and Capriccios:

Drums of the Snake
Advanced Augmentation. Agility + Disarm/Lock bonus. Always on caster, pulses to groupmates.

Desert's Maelstrom
Esoteric Cyclic Debilitation. Magic vs Fortitude. Garbage collection, penalizes TM / offense / defense. Pulsing improved balance of caster friends.

Rage of the Clans
Advanced Augmentation. Melee / Ranged Accuracy boost. Always on caster, pulses to groupmates.

Caress of the Sun
Introductory Cyclic Utility. 0-slot spell that provides protection from weather to your instruments.

Advanced Augmentation. Improves weapon you cast it on and brings it back into caster's hand anytime dropped.

Phoenix's Pyre
Advanced Cyclic TM. Fire direct damage, ignite naphtha, fatigue damage.

Esoteric Augmentation. Reflex, Parry, Evasion boost. Personal only.

Breath of Storms
Basic Targeted. Direct damage.

Merelew's Legacy
Basic Cyclic Augmentation / Utility. Area Athletics + Underwater Breath

Concertos and Sonatas:

Esoteric Cyclic Augmentation. Area Global Mana booster.

Eye of Kertigen
Advanced Utility. Searches area with improved perception for a short time. Lights up area around Bard.

Demrris' Resolve
Advanced Debilitation. Mind vs Will. AoE Stun and Knockdown.

Glythtide's Joy
Esoteric Cyclic Warding. Area interference with Targeted Magic.

Aether Wolves
Introductory Cyclic Debilitation. Magic vs Fortitude Area Immobilization + damage to attunement stat (not skill).

Blessing of the Fae
Esoteric Cyclic Augmentation. Area Attunement booster + Attunement regeneration

Aura of Tongues
Introductory Cyclic Utility. Allows the caster to understand other languages. Higher potency allows group members to share the benefit.

Advanced Augmentation / Debilitation. Stealth bonus to caster, Charm vs Will area perception debuff to viewers at time of cast.

Nocturnes and Requiems:

Chorus of Madmen
Esoteric Cyclic Debilitation / Targeted. Drives the listeners insane, causing uncontrollable random effects, and causes them to attack themselves.

Eillie's Cry
Introductory Utility. Allows a bard to shout a message to the nearby area while alive. Can also be utilized rarely when dead.

Abandoned Heart
Esoteric Cyclic Debilitation. Area effect Charm vs Fortitude. Debuffs Discipline, Stamina, Strength. Drains fatigue and spirit. Increases the effect of bleeding wounds.


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