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Tailoring Released! ยท on 01/14/2012 11:35 AM CST 32
Howdy everyone. The new Crafting 3.0 Tailoring system is now live in the Prime instance. This release features thread spinning, cloth weaving, and the sewing of clothes, containers and accessories. Also included in this release, is a new MEASURE verb and YARDSTICK for measuring items with.

The first Outfitting Society is now open in the Crossings in the Trollferry Approach, where Milline waits to teach you the secrets of this new crafting discipline.

Please fully read the Foreword and STUDY the associated instructions (for weaving and spinning), ANALYZE the tools and study the tools before giving up in defeat. The syntax for this new system should all be easily accessible within the system's materials. We are also looking to improve the syntax - so PLEASE post if you encounter any problems or suggestions.

The Society sells fiber, thread and cloth. Fiber may be spun into cloth using a distaff or a spinning wheel. Two units of thread may be woven into cloth on a loom. All the tools are sold or maintained in the Outfitting Buildings.

Future releases will add thread/cloth/item dyeing, cloth armor, yarn spinning and knitting, and furniture creation.

Leather items are awaiting my completion of Skinning 3.0, and I hope to have an updated timeline for that in February.

Measuring without a yardstick is an increasingly difficult Appraise check for each dimension, and container carrying capacity. We didn't want to include it with Appraise because it teaches about as well, and then we'd have to either cut the learning of appraise itself or increase the RT. Measuring with a yardstick always gives certain results but does not train at all.

DR uses a unit of measurement called the "span" (think handspan), where 9 spans are equivalent to a "yard".

That's all for now, I don't want to reveal too much and spoil any of the surprises. Good luck!

This message was originally posted in Lore \ GameMaster Announcements - Lore, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.
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