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Sorcery Skill ยท on 1/17/2010 5:28:24 PM 11652
The following is a conceptual overview of the new Sorcery skill. Please bear in mind that everything is subject to change as we move forward: I present this for purposes of feedback and to provide you with information about our plans, not as a guarantee that everything presented here is written in stone.

Sorcery is the skill of casting spells that are "off frequency" for the caster, as defined by their guild. For example, a Moon Mage casting Bless is off frequency and uses the Sorcery skill, but a Paladin or Cleric can cast Bless with just their Holy Magic ranks. All sorcery is considered, well, Sorcery, though Necromancers are able to cast spells from the necromancy subset with Arcane Magic instead.

Your Sorcery ranks will have three effects:

1) It serves as an alternate primary magic skill for any off frequency spell. Keep in mind that in most cases, "frequency" is a broader concept than "guild." A Bard would use Sorcery to power Clear Vision (a Lunar spell), but use Elemental Magic to power Fire Shard (an Elemental spell, even though it is not taught by his guild). If there is an extreme difference in skill, a fraction of your PM and Arcana may be used in place of Sorcery, though with none of the other benefits listed below.

2) It reduces the chance of a sorcerous or necromantic backlash occurring.

3) Clerics, Moon Mages and Warrior Mages will need to meet minimum Sorcery requirements to permanently learn their guild-based sorceries.

Sorcery is by definition a MU-only skill: it is the skill of casting outside the magician's frequency and is irrelevant for characters that do not have attunement. NMUs cannot learn or teach Sorcery.

Sorcery cannot be directly taught. Instead, if you listen to a primary magic class outside your own specialty, it will award you Sorcery ranks rather than feed into your primary magic. For example, an Empath who listens to an Elemental Magic class will gain Sorcery.


This message was originally posted in Abilities, Skills and Magic (4) \ Magic - Suggestions, Discussions and Thoughts (16), by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.
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