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Some grass, a vine, and a lead rope walk into a bar... ยท on 6/26/2008 10:42:45 PM 5
As of a few minutes ago, I've released some tweaks to the braiding mechanism that will hopefully make it a little more friendly for all skill ranges.

Mech lore experience was modestly increased. Players with the lowest amount of mech lore should notice the largest improvement, while all players will receive a (slight) boost on actions that previously gave roundtime for virtually no return. You should also see a small increase to the amount of appraisal experience awarded, and roundtimes have been reduced a bit across the board.

These changes are live in Prime and Plat, to be released in TF after we confirm a lack of vine related mortalities.


GM Lohkrian

This message was originally posted in Lore \ GameMaster Announcements - Lore, by DR-LOHKRIAN on the forums.
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