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Re: New Circle Requirements - A Precursor ยท on 03/08/2012 12:17 AM CST 1947
>>I'm wondering if you would be so good as to create a table on how this will relate to each guild? I'm sure you all have had long discussions on how exactly this impacts each guild. So would you please share? Just so we can understand better what's going on. (I'm an old geezer and my eyes kinda lose focus givin detailed stuff).

After this thread settles, each guild will get a full post of its own, in its own folder. I'm guessing that will be Monday but it may be sooner. The main reason I need to wait that long is that I need to be able to block off time to monitor eleven different threads, each with their own brand of hysteria.

>>Sounds to me that crafting in some form will be required even if you have no desire to do it

I'm not sure where you're getting this. Cleric reqs haven't been posted yet :-P

>>What about people who don't train brawling? Why are you using a (semi) random weapon skill?

They will have low tactics. Tactics will not be an essential combat skill.

>>MO caps very low, at 791 ranks. Why are you using it in determining multiple skills? This penalizes people at the cap, or near the cap. Many people are near the cap.

It's a component for determining multiple skills because it is related to the effects of those skills. Again, Tactics is a non-essential combat skill. One of Defending's main uses is as the defense against multi-opponent penalties, so it makes a lot of sense that your skill in MO factors in.

Besides, the fact that it caps so high means that only post-150 people are affected by the cap. I'm not going to change the equation to appease people that have maxed out the level if it means a less sensible equation for everybody else.

>>Athletics is already the combination of 2 you're merging three skills into one?

The more I think about it, the more I'm likely to reverse the inclusion of Escaping ranks into Athletics. They'll most likely get absorbed into the Survival bonus pool as was the original plan. Let's ignore the escaping combination for now.

>>will I still be able to hunt where I hunt now?

One of the penultimate goals of the combat rewrite is to not make you drop down the hunting ladder. For magic, I don't have a solid grasp on the magnitude of the change for any individual because it's such a massive, system-wide change. I think that you'll be as powerful as you should be for your level, but what 'should' means might be different than it does right now, and it might not. It's really impossible to say with respect to magic.

>>No way to be more well rounded? What if you add up all of those percents and let us divy it out the way we want? So 90+80+70+60 = 300% that we get to divide into 4 skills the way we want. I don't like only having 60% of my PM in any one of Debilitating, Augmenting, Warding or Utility

Building a framework to let people split percentages is REALLY complex and not really a realistic option right now. One issue with allowing custom percentages is that it encourages people to optimize for TDPs rather than RP - Not everybody would, but it adds a layer of optimization that isn't really ideal. Another is that it opens a potential problem in the circle reqs and grandfathering - If all of your skills are at 75% of your PM, which one gets further increased (if necessary) to your 3rd, 4th, and 5th magic? It adds a layer of potential dissatisfaction and not a HUGE amount of benefit, in my opinion. Regular training would increase it pretty well anyway.

More than anything, wait until we post official numbers though. Then we can talk more about it.

>>just seems silly to have a skill that is trained out of combat replace a skill that is trained in combat. characters who would have been in combat training tactics aren't the ones with massive scholarship ranks

That's kind of the point though. The reason that it's in the Lore skillset is because it's part academic knowledge and part application. Studying war journals and combat manuals can give you a tactical edge, as can exercising it in combat. Combining scholarship with combat skills is actually a pretty accurate representation of the intent of Tactics as a skill.

I'm back now and will respond quicker.

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