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Housing Updates ยท on 10/8/2009 7:48:49 AM 346
At long lost, the much talked about and tested home updates have made their way to Prime. By and large, the bulk of the changes will be invisible to you guys. There were many behind-the-scenes updates to take advantage of DR2 mechanics that ultimately will let things run more cleanly and smoothly. That said, there are a number of updates and new features that WILL be visible. I may very well miss some here, but I'll hit the big ones:

1) No more losing your home furniture if you downgrade. Rather than deleting your furniture when the home is emptied, the contents are saved. When you return and try to claim a new home, the old furniture is set up in the new home. You will lose your physical home, just not the furniture or other contents.

2) HOME RECLAIM - when/if you downgrade and lose access to the home, you can use this to retrieve non-furniture items from the home. This ONLY works after the home has been unhoused (reclaimed by the system), as that's when the items are moved from the home to the special storage. Folks may have to wait 15-30 days from the time of status loss before being allowed to use this. A check is made to see if you have old items from a previous home, and if so, you MUST reclaim them before being allowed to get a new one.

3) Food/drinks can be placed on furniture. A table will actually hold a cup of tea now. Long standing player request.

4) Documentation. Nearly every piece of home furniture now has a STUDY trap telling you what verbs are available to them. There's a HOME RECALL function to tell you what type/class home you have along with any restrictions as well as where it is and what furniture you have (should make shopping a bit easier). HOME HELP was overhauled entirely; many thanks to GM Belladzia and players for their input here.

5) A couple of safety tweaks were added. If you try to leave the home and there are things on the floor, it'll prompt you to confirm exiting with a reminder of the janitor. There's also better auto-closing of the door to prevent people from walking in 2 hours after you came in and forgot to close the door. Home shops were tweaked to require your home to be unloaded (closed/locked/empty for 5-10 minutes) before allowing you to purchase furniture. This should FINALLY kill that annoying bug with buying furniture but it never showing up.

6) You can now have one home PER CHARACTER rather than per account. All of your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends, alts or however you want to refer to them can each have their own home now, and your other characters will have access to each other's homes. Each home can have its own guest (singular, no changes there).

There are probably more updates, but those are the big ones. Go forth and play, and if you run into any problems, please let me know. I'll try to keep an eye in game, but the forums will likely be your safest bet of reaching me.

ASGM Zadraes
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