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I wouldn't say it went unrecorded. It is, without a doubt, one of the largest stains on the history of the region. Perhaps part of the reason it isn't written down is that those of Shard kind of want it kept under the rug. They wouldn't be the first society to hide their shady past.

Perhaps more of it needs written down (sounds like I just picked up another project), but I can mention a few things. This is simply what I have to work with, so... yeah.

The "outcasts" were in the location that was perfectly suited for the construction of the city of Shard. Those planning on constructing the city tried to negotiate with the tribe of isolationist Elves, but to no avail. The Elves were eventually forcibly driven from their homes and chased northward.

There was a good deal of bad blood in Elanthia at the time, this era being around the end of the Resistance War and a good bit of mistrust between many factions throughout the lands, so eventually the "outcasts" were driven to their current home in the desert.

It wasn't the DP who drove them from their homes in Ilithi, it was indeed the evil land developer, sights set on pretty subdivisions and a chaotic, non-grid street system!

I didn't make the history, I just work with it {g}. Some should probably be added to make a bit more sense though, I agree.

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