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Re: Final Warning :P ยท on 03/17/2012 05:03 AM CDT 1290
Rangers get bonus techniques to make up for the fact that anyone can now learn how to ARRANGE ALL. Each Crafting Discipline is its own Entity now and it doesn't make sense for Guild bonuses to overlap into that area. Still, you ARE given bonus techniques to make up for what was lost.

>>I'm no more effective than someone with 500 less ranks

Skinning is being rebalanced to train and have use up to 1500 ranks. Skins are now a little harder to get versus parts, and Bone and Organs will be even harder once released. Your comment only holds weight because there are not enough difficult things to skin in game yet - but that is changing.

Furthermore we will be adding boss type critters that will drop rare material pelts. These specifically will require much more skinning to successfully arrange and skin, and scrape without ruining them.

This message was originally posted in Abilities, Skills and Magic \ Survival Skills - Economic, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.
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