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Re: Enchanting - Shavay's Simucon 'Notes' ยท on 08/11/2011 10:39 PM CDT 1097
>will there be penalties involved in this? I.e., would a cleric using a blight Sigil <created by a necromancer> get a bit of divine or social outrage over using such a thing? Or at least have their arms blow up?

>or rather, using an item in which that sigil has been used to create, rather than the sigil itself, as GM has said outsiders won't be able to use the sigil itself.

In general, completed items will be relatively indistinguishable. Guild-specific enchantments will be different, however. Necro policy is that necro abilities do not, as a rule, benefit anyone other than their creator, so you can probably expect to see any necro-specific enchantments as useless or downright detrimental to those other than their creator.

>So, reading between the lines, use up current Lunar sigilbooks on hand?

We haven't really come up with a conversion strategy at the moment, but I would PROBABLY guess that it'd be better to make enchantments now than try to save the resources for later. Ultimately, enchanted items created by the previous system will likely continue to function, but it is difficult to guarantee that studied sigils will directly convert, or if they do, that their value will be equivalent.

That said, conversion of old items to the new system is an important part of new crafting (since all items have to be part of the crafting system in order to benefit from any of the systems), so I'll definitely see if we can do something to prevent old sigil books from just becoming worthless. We might have a crossover period in which you can still create old enchantments as well, to give people a last shot at using up goods or stocking up on whatever.

>Disjunct sigil requirements
Just to clarify, we intend to have some enchantments that require a SPECIFIC disjunct sigil, limiting the enchantment to one guild. We intend to have other enchantments that require ANY disjunct sigil, limiting the rate of production, but not the guild.

GM Lohkrian

This message was originally posted in Lore \ Enchanting Skill, by DR-LOHKRIAN on the forums.
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