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>>I still assumed there was the risk of death associated with accidentally moving in the wrong direction, or possibly being hijacked by the redheaded stepchild (or whatever its name is) - do you still have to actually physically navigate through the rooms (with 'guidance'), or does it simply 'teleport' you as someone else suggested?

Somewhere in between. Use of the Astral Guide takes some time and movement on the Astral Plane (based on subjective distance), but it's not the same "place" that Moon Mages go when they navigate the Astral Plane. Space is kinda weird over there.

A properly created Astral Guide is far safer than a Moon Mage doing the trip and can be faster, at the cost having a pre-programmed route and the time / effort to create the device. An improperly created Astral Guide (or one that's been deliberately sabotaged by its creator) is a death sentence.


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