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Yes, it's time for that post. Please keep in mind that, as usual, any of this is still subject to change for any reason, up to and including, mechanical limitations, change in development direction, mass acts of bardic protest, acts of the divine, alcoholic Simucon bribes, or just good ol' fashion whimsy.

The following updates all current Bard mojo abilities (including Bluff, Practice, Whistle, and Scream). Omitted existing abilities are candidates for removal. Except where noted all abilities are driven by Bardic Lore, as they cross into the supernatural territory. Abilities list as "as now" will still be subject to bug fixes/balance tweaks and so forth.

The term "Mojo" is being phased out. In its place are "Presence" and "Inspiration" (terms subject to change). Inspiration is the Bards active power pool and will ebb and flow regularly. Presence is the Bards connection to society and controls how much Inspiration they can have and how quickly it recovers. Presence should change slowly and only improve through active effort.

Please note the abilities will be awarded at a given circle and may or may not involve quests, but are not intended to use a slot system.

1st: Beguile - Tier 1
Beguiles the target into doing as the Bard suggests. Tier 1 includes the following commands: Stop (Gives an RT), Stand/Kneel/Sit/Lie, Drop (causes them to drop what theyre holding. PvE protection to prevent item loss), Bow and Salute (RP options).

1st: Scream - Concussive
As now, though contesting Targeted Magic. Generally less devastating than now, but intended to be a much more frequent part of the Bards arsenal.

5th: Bluff - Dodge
*** Please Note, this ability in particular is still subject to redesign or replacement due to redundancy concerns ***
Allows the Bard to burn Inspiration in exchange for a improved chance to evade attacks.

10th: Practice - Steadying Breaths
Speeds recovery of Inspiration while providing a mild boost to Performance and Bardic Lore.

15th: Whistle - Taunting
Single target taunt.

20th: Lionize/Satirize - Confidence
The Bard inspires others to great feats or casts them down in shame, granting a short term (de)buff that fades quickly if the target strays far from the Bard. Increases/decreases the recovery rate of vitality, fatigue and spirit.

25th: Beguile - Tier 2
Tier 2 includes the following commands: Attack and Defend (Causes the target to skew towards defense or offense in their next action), Flee, Dance and Apologize (RP options).

30th: Scream - Defiance
As now. Stun removal, balance restoration, damage reduction.

35th: Whistle - Piercing
As now. AoE taunt plus RT.

40th: Bluff - Dead
As now.

45th: Scream - Havoc
As now, though contesting Debilitation.

50th: Lionize/Satirize - Skill
(De)buffs any one skill. May only be used on others, one skill at a time. Short duration and will fade if the target gets too far from the Bard. Fairly restrictive in bonus/penalty size.

75th: Beguile - Tier 3
Tier 3 includes the following commands: Release (causes the target to release any prepped spells and held mana), Assault (causes target to attack a friend), Guard (Target defends the Bard against the next attack), Tip (Causes the target, player only, to tip the Bard if they have coin available. Consent-wise is treated as theft and the target -- as well as the room -- is automatically aware of the action), Fetch (Causes the target, if a hand is free, to pick up an item and hand it to the Bard).

100th: Riposte
A melee weapon attack that combines a verbal feint with a physical attack into a single action. Only works against intelligent foes. May be restricted against use as a first strike (to stay true to the name), though this is undecided.

125th: Scream - Cacophony
AoE version of Scream - Concussive.

150th: Beguile - Tier 1 AoE
Allows the Tier 1 beguile abilities to be used in an AoE capacity.

RP Abilites:
The following are role playing abilities, and will either not teach any skills at all or to a very limited degree.

Voice Throw
No change beyond allowing both Bards and Thieves to learn all 10 abilities instead of only 5 each.

Recall History
As now, with the caveat of the ongoing Recall rewrite. Scholarship based, exception to the "teaches nothing/little" note above.

1st: Practice Assess
Allows the Bard to measure their current levels of Inspiration and Presence. This will have the much requested silent option.

1st: Bluff Amaze
Removal of mechanical benefits. Purely a fluff verb.

1st: Evoke
Replacement for Perc History. Bardic Lore based, exception to the "teaches nothing/little" note above.

5th: Slip
As now.

20th: Playact
As now.

30th: Whistle Signal
Similar to Signing, allows communication that can only be understood by other bards. Message travels one room away, is visible to everyone that it is being used (though not the content of the message) and is highly restricted in message length (though this restriction will ease with skill somewhat). Replaces the current system of key words.

40th: Advanced Playact
As now.

You are, of course, welcome and encouraged to provide feedback, though for everyone's sanity I request that you keep it contained to this folder (Prime forums, Bards --> Suggestions and Discussion - Enchantes and Special Abilities). Thank you.


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