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Re: Alterations and Lore3.0 ยท on 01/03/2012 06:31 PM CST 2059
All Crafting 3.0 items build an appearance based off a series of variables tied to the item. Those variables include things like the materials used and any enhancements or embellishments applied. Currently the mechanics that build the appearance take priority over any alteration changes, erasing them if an event occurs that recalculates the item's appearance (such as using a cleaning cloth or adding another enhancement). Sometimes this is good, and other times it is bad. We're still considering how best to handle it.

Alterations don't affect the material content at all, so altered items can still be reclaimed like any other crafted item. They also do not count towards the 3-enhancement limit, though many of the planned visual embellishments will have to erase the altered appearance to make any sense.

>>Assuming If we could make a chakrel/soulstone/cambrinth/runestone/gem socket as an add-on would something like that be possible post alteration too?

Probably not without removing the alteration. It wouldn't make sense to have a sword altered to be set with an emerald in its pommel, only to later enhance it to have a chakrel stone in its pommel.

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