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Paladin Guild

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Primary Skillset: Armor
Secondary Skillsets: Lore, Weapon
Tertiary Skillsets: Magic, Survival
Special Abilities: Lead, Glyph, Protect, Smite
Mana Type: Holy
Barbarian - Bard - Cleric - Commoner - Empath - Moon Mage

Necromancer - Paladin - Ranger - Thief - Trader - Warrior Mage

A Paladin is a Holy Warrior, touched and graced by the gods themselves. Through a path of righteous dedication to the guild's teachings and through service to the Immortals, the worthy are rewarded for their valor and honor with abilities blessed from the deities and emerge into an extreme force to reckon with. Woe to the villain who stands before the Paladin submerged in deceit and evil ways!

Founded by Dreldan, then sometime later taken over by Beren, the Guild Hall in the Crossing is where most new members receive their training. Beren took on the guild in a fatherly fashion and is still thought of highly by many senior guild members. However, the Paladin Council believed the guild members had grown too slack in their training and that the morality had deteriorated over time. Beren was subsequently removed, replaced by a more strict and harsh leader, Darius. Though the youngest guild leader in recorded history, Darius has maintained a stringent hold on not only the provincial guild, but the path of the Paladin itself.


Official Information

Guild crest: A roaring lion over a set of scales weighing a sword and an olive laurel
Information courtesy of Dragonrealms Website.

Guild Hall Locations

The original Guild Hall, under the tutelage of Lady Verika. (You can type DIR PALADIN for directions.)
Steeped in the proud heritage of Therengia, under the watchful eye of Sir Cleworth.
Guild Representative Remen has taken over Lady Verika's old office in the Noble Inn to mentor the guild's pages and squires up to their 20th circle. (You can type DIR PALADIN for directions.)
In the Tower of Honor, guided by the hand of Lady Snow.
On the highest tier of the city, under the instruction of the formidable Sir Eamonn.
In a majestic hall on Shell Circle, guided by the noble and resplendent Lady Avant.
Guildleader Darius, formerly of The Crossing guildhall, took up the post here.

Skillsets and Common Races

A Paladin's primary skillset is Armor. Lore and Weapon are secondary skillsets, with Magic and Survival as tertiary skills.

Paladins break down into the following races:

Human 46%
Kaldar 13%
Elven 10%
Gor'Tog 10%
S'Kra Mur 10%
Prydaen 10%
Dwarven 1%
Elothean 1%
Rakash 1%
Halfling <1%
Gnome <1%

Crafting Affiliation

Guilded Paladins receive three free technique slots in the Armorsmithing discipline of the Forging skill.

See: Crafting

Guild Abilities

Code of Honor

Paladins have a strict code of honor they must adhere to. By stealing, having any skill in the stealing skill, using cowardly or devious tactics in battle, or striking first in combat with another player a Paladin will lose standing in the guild, and take a massive hit to the state of his soul. This will affect his ability to perform various special abilities and, depending on the severity of the offense, may require a special quest to re-instate himself into the guild.


A Paladin may protect his money, protect himself, or intercept the dangers directed against those whom he wishes to PROTECT.


By LEADing in a battle, a Paladin can inspire people within his party to greater feats while in combat. A Paladin receives the Lead ability at circle 2.


Paladin glyphs are a non-mana-using ability unique to Paladins. The use of glyphs is limited by the state of a Paladin's soul, as well as the level of his soul pool. The strength of the glyph and its duration can also be affected by the level of his charisma stat. To acquire each glyph, a Paladin must be of a certain circle, then must complete a holy quest.


A Paladin's soul is awoken by the Immortals when they call him to duty. This awakening allows, in Paladins who follow the tenets of the guild faithfully, to shine with brightness, powering many of their abilities. Conversely, for those Paladins who do not serve faithfully and violate certain rules, the state of their souls will plummet to a level of darkness not attainable by the uncalled. A Paladin's soul also acts as a confound for Paladin holy magic. The current state of a Paladin's soul can be measured with soulstone.

For more information, see Soul system.

Sacred Insight

Paladins can use their sacred insight to help recover grave goods. They can discern the owner of an item, identify grave robbers, and discern which stolen items the grave robber is carrying.

Holy Weapon

One of the Paladin's weapons can be blessed with extra power. A holy weapon is especially effective against the undead.

Holy Magic

Paladins use Holy mana, and can learn spells from the Justice, Inspiration, and Sacrifice spell books to aid in their quest to uphold justice, and combat evil within the realm.

Heroic StrengthSentinel's ResolveDivine GuidanceRighteous WrathCourageRutilor's EdgeSoldier's PrayerMarshal OrderAnti-StunFootman's StrikeBond ArmamentsBanner of TruceSmite HordeHoly WarriorAspirant's AegisVessel of SalvationDivine ArmorStun FoeClarityHaltTruffenyi's RallyShatterHands of JusticeAlamhif's Gift3.0Paladintree.PNG
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Paladin spell slots

Circle Requirements

1st Armor4555615
2nd Armor2334513
Shield Use2233410
1st Weapon3445513
2nd Weapon0234410
1st Magic122338
2nd Magic112238
3rd Magic111225
1st Survival122338
2nd Survival112238
3rd Survival111225
4th Survival111225
1st Lore2334410
2nd Lore1233410
3rd Lore112238

Evasion is a hard requirement (does not count toward Nth survival requirements).
Shield, Tactics and Scholarship are soft requirements (can be used toward Nth skill requirements).
Sorcery and Thievery are restricted skills (do not count toward Nth skill requirements).

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