Naga's Blessing (2.0)

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Naga's Blessing
Abbreviation: NAGA
Prerequisites: Nexus
Minimum Prep: 6
Casting Cap: 36
Performance Type: Winds
Description: Nagas are unusual creatures, ones that bear natural attunements to the mana around them and the ability to coax it to their will. It is through the use of this enchante that you tap into the peripheral auras of the Lesser Nagas, increasing the capacity and restorative qualities of your own ability to harness mana, and allowing you to share these benefits with those others who are in range of your song. Through careful application of this enchante, you may find that you catch an occasional glimpse of a Lesser Naga as you perform, but those wily creatures will duck out of sight almost as soon as they are seen.
Example Messaging: Intro: The first gentle notes of "Naga's Blessing" waft from your ironwood didjeridu with delicate ease, riddled with low tones that gradually give way to a higher-pitched theme.

Solo: The clear, ringing tones of the solo define a soothing melody that sails easily into the high reaches of your ironwood didjeridu's range. You feel a brief, pulsing tingle along your skin.

Chorus: For a mere moment you let the stately ballad fade, then erupt into a flashy, fast-paced rendition of the chorus. Riddled with short, quick notes that form a vibrating tapestry of sound, you begin the main melody again with a vibrant vivacity that leaves you breathless.

Enchante Structure: Intro/Solo/Chorus/Solo/Chorus/Solo/Chorus/Refrain/Outro
Prep Time: 21 seconds.
Pulse Timing: Solo: 6 pulses of 20 seconds.

Chorus: 6 pulses of 20 seconds.

Refrain: 2 pulses of 20 seconds.

Enchante Duration: 13 minutes.


  • Bonuses the Harness Ability skill of those in the room.
  • Regenerates the mana (attunement) of those in the room.

Note: There is currently a bug with this enchante that overrides the effects of the Cleric's PoM spell on each pulse.

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