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Moon Mage Guild
Moon Mage

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Primary Skillset: Magic
Secondary Skillsets: Lore, Survival
Tertiary Skillsets: Weapon, Armor
Special Abilities: Lunar Magic, Prediction,
Mana Type: Lunar
Barbarian - Bard - Cleric - Commoner - Empath - Moon Mage

Necromancer - Paladin - Ranger - Thief - Trader - Warrior Mage

Moon Mages are an esoteric collective of magicians, scholars and soothsayers from several different sects. Known for the versatile and powerful magic that flows from their fingertips and their ability to foretell the future, Moon Mages are among the most potent spellcasters on Elanthia.

Their abilities are tied closely to the rising and setting of the three moons Xibar, Yavash and Katamba, as well as the motions of other heavenly bodies. Thus when the skies smile down upon a Moon Mage, his powers are strong; yet when all the moons have set, he is considerably weaker.


Official Information

Guild crest: Six towers on a field of stars encircled by the three Elanthian moons
Information courtesy of Dragonrealms Website.

Guild Hall Locations

The Crossing
In a massive observatory outside the city proper, Celestian Kssarh T'Kinnirii teaches new students with a passion that most would dub abusive. (You can type DIR MOON MAGE for directions.)
Housed inside the tremendous shell of some unknown sea beast, the Moon Mage Guild on Taisgath is overseen by Fateweaver Lomtaun Nedorath of the Gypsies.
Tezirite Mortom Saist, respected Guildleader and politician, welcomes all Moon Mages in the Great Tower of Shard... despite his quirks.
Lesser Fist (south of Riverhaven)
Within a remarkable guildhall inside a dormant volcano, Guildleader Tiv trains students in the ways of the Monks of the Crystal Hand.
Guildleader Gylwyn, after a meteoric rise and equally dramatic stint with exile, has returned to the graces of the Moon Mage Guild and teaches Theren students in her spire north of Riverhaven.
Guildleader Cherulisa D'Shari'sendal, resides in The Spire on the Trabe Plateau.

Another renowned guild leader, about whom little is publicly known but their name and sect affiliation, is Prophet Estrille Ardwens.

Skillsets and Common Races

A Moon Mage's primary skillset is Magic. Lore and Survival are secondary skillsets, with Weapon and Armor bringing up the rear as tertiary skills.

Moon Mages break down into the following races.

Elothean 38%
Human 20%
Elven 14%
Prydaen 8%

Crafting Affiliation

Guilded moon mages receive one free technique slot in the Artificing discipline of the Enchanting skill, one free technique slot in the Binding discipline of the Enchanting skill and one free technique slot in the Invoking discipline of the Enchanting skill.

See: Crafting

Guild Abilities

Lunar Magic

Moon Mages draw Lunar mana from Celestial bodies for their spells. They have access to the Stellar, Perception, Enlightened Geometry, Psychic Projection, Moonlight Manipulation, and Teleologic Sorcery spellbooks.

  • Cantrip: Minor magic with some flashy and useful effects. Most are based off the sect you join, there are some general ones for those not affiliated with a particular sect.

Magical Feats

As a magic prime guild Moon mages are given the following two magical feats for free at second circle:

  • Basic Preparation Recognition - This allows the mage the chance to see basic/intro spells being prepped by others, even other guilds.
  • Utility Mastery - This gives the mage a skill bonus to casting any Utility based spells.

Moon Mage Spell Slot Progression

As a magic prime guild Moon Mages gain spell slots in the following way.

Circle Range Primary
1-50 Every Circle
50-100 Every 2 Circles
101-150 Every 3 Circles
151-200 Every 10 Circles

Spell Tree

Clear VisionPiercing GazeLocateSeer's SenseAura SightDistant GazeShadewatch MirrorTenebrous SenseShift MoonbeamShadowsFocus MoonbeamDazzleDinazen OlkarRefractive FieldBurnSteps of VuanCage of LightMoonbladeShape MoonbladeSleepCalmTelekinetic ThrowPsychic ShieldHypnotizeRendShearTelekinetic StormThoughtcastMental BlastMind ShoutPartial DisplacementWhole DisplacementTeleportMoongateContingencyShadowlingRiftal SummonsShadow ServantInvocation of the SpheresStarlight SphereShadewatch MirrorTangled FateTezirah's VeilSever ThreadSovereign DestinyCategory:Perception SpellbookCategory:Psychic Projection SpellbookCategory:Moonlight Manipulation SpellbookCategory:Enlightened Geometry SpellbookCategory:Stellar Magic SpellbookCategory:Teleologic Sorcery Spellbook3.0Moontree.PNG

Guild Sorcery

Moon Mages as a magic prime guild have access to a guild specific sorcery called Teleologic Sorcery. These spells are a mixture of Lunar and either Holy or Elemental mana. The common theme of their effects is the manipulation of Fate in ways that most Moon Mages would deem fundamentally wrong. As these are sorcery spells, the Moon Mage guild does not endorse nor teach their use thus requiring any mage wishing to learn their secrets to seek them on spell scrolls.

The casting of these spells carries several possible consequences.

  • The possibility that the users arms may be destroyed in the volatile backlash that can happen when mixing mana types.
  • Accusation and arrest for Forbidden Practices which will also give Social Corruption.
  • Small amounts of Teleologic Corruption. This is a corrupting factor on a Moon Mages link to the Plane of Probability and will affect the mages ability to predict the future.

Moon Mage Power Perception

Moon Mages have a unique way of perceiving power that goes beyond what most other guilds can do.


The ability to foresee a character's future. This ability will either provide a temporary bonus or penalty to the recipient's skill.

Several tools may be of use in performing predictions:


The ability to imbue spell-like effects onto items.

Astral Travel

Astral Travel is an ability that allows Moon Mages to enter and navigate the Astral Plane, allowing them to bridge massive distances on the Plane of Abiding in almost no time. The ability is dangerous and often fatal and was only recently made possible by the invention of the Naming Ritual, which is used on Grazhir shards to imprint them with a magical pattern of its name which allows a mage to use it as an anchor.

Recall Heavens

Moon Mages have the ability to use the RECALL command to aid in deciphering the heavens.

  • RECALL HEAVENS will give information regarding the individual constellations and what skillsets they give prediction information on.
  • RECALL HEAVENS GRAZHIR will remind the mage which Grazhir shards they have memorized.

100th Circle Ability

Upon being promoted to 99th circle the Moon Mage Guildleaders will task the mage with a quest for better understanding of the cosmos. This quest must be completed in order to advance to 100th circle and beyond. After completion the mage is granted the ability to tap into the Astral Plane from anywhere in the land by teleporting or moongating to Grazhir rather than the three other moons. This ability also provides security to teleporting and moongating to a moon that is no longer in the sky by automatically shunting the mage to the nearest Grazhir shard rather than the typical messy outcome.

Lesser Guild Abilities

Time Sense

The ability for a Moon Mage to tell the time of day even when they cannot see the sky due to affinity to the moons and celestial bodies.


The ability to trace a Locate back to the caster and his/her location.


Align is an ability learned by Moon Mages and has several effects.

  • When the mage is aligned to one of the moons, spells that require a moon will default to the aligned moon.
  • When the mage is aligned to Grazhir and has completed the 100th circle ability quest, any rogue teleports or moongates will send the mage to the nearest Astral Plane conduit.
  • When using the prediction system or the Tangled Fate spell the mage must align to the skillset or individual skill they wish to predict upon.

Circle Requirements

Req 1-10 11-30 31-70 71-100 101-150
1st Magic 4 4 5 6 7
2nd Magic 4 4 4 5 6
3rd Magic 3 4 4 5 5
4th Magic 2 3 4 5 5
5th Magic 0 3 3 4 5
6th Magic 0 3 3 4 5
7th Magic 0 0 3 3 4
Astrology 3 4 4 5 6
1st Survival 2 3 3 4 5
2nd Survival 2 3 3 4 4
3rd Survival 2 2 3 3 4
4th Survival 2 2 2 3 3
5th Survival 0 2 2 3 3
1st Lore 2 3 3 4 5
2nd Lore 2 2 3 3 4
3rd Lore 1 2 2 3 3
Scholarship 3 3 3 4 4

Scholarship and Astrology are hard requirements (do not count toward Nth skill requirements).
Thievery is a restricted skill (does not count toward Nth survival requirements).
Sorcery can be used for one of the Nth Magic skills.

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