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The kite shield is both a shield and a symbol.



A kite shield was either a reverse teardrop shape or later on, flat-topped. The tapering point extended down to either a distinct or rounded point. Believed to be an evolution of the simple round shield purely to guard one whole flank of a rider when in combat, the shield gained popularity amongst professional soldiers as it allowed them to guard their foreleg when in a mêlée. It was either flat in section, or featured a gradual curve, to better fit the contour of the human torso, much in the style of a scutum.[1]


Item Rare Incomplete
Black ironwood kite shield stenciled with the image of tumbling white dice false true
Black kite shield painted with a single flame false true
Blue ironwood kite shield embossed with a gold-plated crescent moon false true
Burnished kite shield false
Crimson kite shield embellished with a trio of blood-red teardrops false true
Eight-sided kite shield false
Gleaming silver kite shield limned with the image of a seaborne galleon false true
Golden kite shield engraved with ebony olive laurels false
Kite shield (1) false
Kite shield (leather) false
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The kite shield is the symbol for the Albarian interpretation of Tamsine.


Item Rare item
Black leather war belt adorned with a crested medallion true
Black silk cord strung with a gold kite shield true
Cambrinth Tamsine idol true
Pearlescent pendant shaped like a kite shield true
Rawhide cord strung with a minute kite shield true



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