Kertigen's Forge

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Kertigen's Forge is an amorphous region of brilliant red and orange hues. It is too large and too irregular to be a star, and its light lacks the blinding intensity of the sun. Astrological records over the centuries have noted a slow change in the color and size of Kertigen's Forge. The Forge has grown more intense and shrunk slowly in size. Some astrologers claim that it is a literal celestial forge, and that someone labors inside to complete a great work.

Enigma of Kertigen's Forge

Start: End:
Date: Unknown Unknown
Time: Unknown Unknown
Skillsets Affected:
Weapon Skillset, Armor Skillset, Lore Skillset
Other Information:
Circle: 100th Telescope: yes
Starlight Sphere: None
Facts about Kertigen's ForgeRDF feed
Circle requirement100  +
MissingSeasons visible  +, Starting date  +, Ending date  +, Starting time  + and Ending time  +
Requires telescopetrue  +
Skillset affectedWeapon Skillset  +, Armor Skillset  + and Lore Skillset  +
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