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clockwork spider
Look: The appearance of this spider is randomly generated.

Deftly crafted from tiny panels of <metal1>, the spider is fashioned to resemble a spider of the <species> species.

The <metal1> <species> spider has <gem1> <body pattern> <location>, a cluster of eyes made of tiny chips of <gem2>, and <gem3> <cut> <leg pattern>. A pair of <size> <metal2> fangs jut from the spider's head and you think you notice what may be a miniscule droplet of <silver/bronze/copper> venom on each tip.

Weight: 1 stones
Appraised Cost: 18,750 Kronars18.75 ring
18.75 Scrips
18.75 Tickets
13,530 Dokoras
18.75 LTBpoints
Special Properties:
  • This item is magical.
  • This item is worn in a generic slot.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Small eggsac, Hollow Eve Festival 403

This gift is free to attendees of Hollow Eve Festival 403. Found in the The Upper Abdomen, Lounge in a small chest bound with glinting silversteel straps.

The clockwork spider begins life as a small eggsac. To make it hatch, OPEN the eggsac while wearing it.


Who Can Use It

Although the spider is not currently bonded, only the original owner can use it.

"You do not want to trade your gift with anyone else. If you don't have the gift that belongs to you, it won't know who to won't recognize its owner and will NOT work properly." --Solomon


The clockwork spider is a very special creature. Part clockwork, part living creature, the spider is a companion that any adventurer would desire. You think you could TAP, PUSH, TICKLE, RUB, POKE, KISS, TURN, CLOSE, TRACE, and YANK the spider.

Your spider will get hungry and being the clockwork type, he likes to eat bits of metal. The shinier the better. His particular tastes, however, will change from one feeding to another. An observant owner will quickly learn how to tell exactly what their spider wants to nibble on.

You also sense that there are more things that the spider can do. Experiment to find out all ten of its abilities!

"There's no reason to take it off, drop it, hold it, or do anything other than wear it. There are no verbs that work differently if it's on the ground or anything silly like that." --Solomon

Clockwork spiders have the same abilities regardless of appearance.


The abilities require the spider to be "charged" by feeding it coins. The syntax for feeding your spider is FEED <DENOMINATION> COIN TO MY SPIDER. Spiders stay charged until an ability is used, and each ability removes only the required number of charges from its total. Charges do not reset to zero after use, or degrade over time.

The spider can be fed once per hour. It is hungry when venom drips from its fangs. The denomination of coin that your spider requires is indicated by the current color of its venom. (Spiders never require platinum coins.)

The "Feedings" column indicates how many "charges" each ability requires.

Verb Effect Feedings Messaging
FEED charges spider 0 Example Usage: Feed silver kronar to spider
Snatching the [denomination] coin from your fingers, the <species> spider starts nibbling on it eagerly, making grating sounds of metal being chewed up. Soon the coin is completely gone.
CLENCH fatigue 11 You clench your <species> spider's abdomen lightly in your hand. As if in warning, it gives you a sharp bite on the back of your index finger. The pain makes you yelp, but you feel slightly more awake than before.
LICK spirit 11 You lick the back of your <species> spider, and your mouth starts to go numb as it bites you on the lip. Although you feel woozy for a moment, soon you feel quite a bit more spiritual than you did before.
RAISE vitality 10 You set the <species> spider on the back of your hand, then raise your arm above your head. It's not long before you feel its <material> fangs digging into your wrist. Strangely, you feel a bit healthier now.
SHAKE attunement ? Throwing caution to the wind, you shake your <species> spider vigorously! It latches onto your hand with its <material> fangs. As it digs its <material> fangs deep into your hand you feel strangely attuned to the mana streams.
STARE concentration ? You stare blankly at your <species> spider, admiring the <material> patterns on its back. It gets tired of sitting there and bites your hand sharply, but you manage to concentrate through the pain. After a bit you feel more focused than before.
FLIP agility/reflex ? You take your <species> spider and flip it back and forth between your hands, then behind your back. Even though you come away with a few new scratches on your hands, you feel more agile after your little juggling stunt.
PUNCH strength/stamina 15 You raise your <species> spider by one leg, and shake your fist at it as if to punch it! It makes a weird mechanical squeal and bites you. Hard. However, you feel a lot stronger after having threatened your poor defenseless spider.
PUNISH intelligence/wisdom ? Tired of getting bitten, you seat the <species> spider on your palm and start sternly lecturing it about not biting you. Predictably, it promptly bites you on the hand. You feel a bit foolish, but also like you grew a little smarter and wiser from the experience.
TILT discipline/charisma 15 You tilt your <species> spider close to your face, staring at it intently. It soon gets tired of your glaring and leaps forward, biting you on the cheek! Strangely, though, you feel more attractive and more disciplined than before as its venom courses through your face.
PROD item repair 18 Not holding something to repair: You prod the spider lightly and it turns and looks as if it might bite you, but then realizes you don't have anything to repair, so it turns away and ignores you instead.
When holding something to repair: You prod your <species> spider lightly, and it clacks its fangs in warning. Unwavered, you persist, and it skitters down to your [item]. Slowly it starts to extrude a substance from its spinnerets, covering the [item]'s dents and dings with a shimmering silk. a few moments pass and the silk melds into the surface of your [item]. With a cursory glance, you see it now appears to be in pristine condition.

Fluff Verbs

The fluff verbs do not require any feedings to work.

Verb Messaging
CLOSE You run your fingers along the underside of your <metal> <species> spider's abdomen. It quicky pulls its legs in, turning into a small ball.
KISS The <metal> <species> spider slowly crawls up your chest and neck, padding carefully over your face and brushes its legs along your cheeks as it gently kisses you.
POKE You poke at your <species> spider and right before you make contact it scuttles an inch or two away, turns toward your finger, and raises its <metal> forelegs, its '<gem> eyes glinting warily.
PUSH You give your clockwork spider a gentle push and it quickly skitters up your chest and over your shoulder, its legs making a *tap-tap-tapping* noise as it moves. It climbs over your shoulder, its '<gem> eyes almost appearing to wink as it scurries by. You feel the spider making its way across your back before it climbs over your other shoulder, coming to rest on the opposite side of your chest.
RUB You brush your finger gently over your <metal> spider's prosoma. Its legs quiver and undulate in what you assume is a happy response.
SNUGGLE You adjust the fit of your clockwork spider.
TAP You gently tap your clockwork spider on the prosoma, causing it to wiggle its <metal> chelicerae at you.
TICKLE You gently rub the body of your <metal> <species>, and the spider extends one of its legs to rub your finger in return.
TRACE You trace a finger around the outside legs of your <metal> <species> spider. Each leg reaches out and touches your finger as if seeking reassurance.
TURN You brush your finger along the side of your <metal> <species> spider's abdomen. In response, it slowly turns itself, showing off the '<gem> chips around the tips of each leg that fade as they progress toward the body and the '<gem> that cover its entire body. Its plum garnet eyes twinkle and its tiny <material> fangs tilt a bit, in what could be a spidery smile.
YANK You gently pull on one leg of your <metal> <species> spider. It quickly spins a thread from your finger and dangles from the silken filament briefly before quickly skittering back upwards and onto your chest.

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