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Glythtide is god of joy, mirth and merriment, of wine and song and good fellowship; a very happy figure, he is the patron of Bards, poets, troubadours, and musicians -- as well as of loafers, gourmands and drunks. Glythtide's mere presence is abhorrent to some of the darker gods due to his unstoppable happiness. It is said amongst the Halflings that the one time he frowned and cried, night was created. Arthe Dale is favored by Glythtide, and he has been suspected of making a few visits upon occasion (usually denoted by the sudden lack of liquor and tarts within the town). Chief deity of the Halflings.




Other Aspects

Light - Saemaus
Dark - Be'ort

Altar Locations

Proper Offerings

  • alcoholic drinks
  • ram beads
  • parchment ram primers
  • Immortal Glythtide cards

Kaldaran Version

The god of madness, depravity, and regret. While few blame Glythtide for planting the seeds of failure, it is he who makes them flourish. Worship of Glythtide is almost entirely limited to those who have already felt his touch, and have naught left to live for but to spread his misery. His symbol is a bunch of grapes.

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