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Faenella, "The Fair Bard," is a performer extraordinaire and a muse of poetry. The Fae are considered her progeny, and share a part of her name. The elusive spirits of nature -- including dryads, sprites, nyads -- are considered her "children", and most airy, ethereal creatures of the unseen realms are also under her jurisdiction. The patron of Bards and adventure-seeking youths, Faenella looks favorably on those who bear the seeds of adventure in their hearts. Inspiration of all kinds comes from Faenella, as well as harps and stringed instruments. Because of her wandering ways, caravans are considered to be under her protection.



Other Aspects

Light - Murrula
Dark - Idon

Altar Locations

Proper Offerings

  • stringed instruments
  • wren beads
  • parchment wren primers
  • Immortal Faenella cards

Kaldaran Version

The goddess of creativity, revelry, and pride. It is she who drives Kaldar to excel in all things, to do the impossible and prove themselves superior to all those who have come before. Celebrations are frequently thrown in her name and the greatest among Kaldar will be tempered by her flames, forever more free from chill and melancholy. Her symbol is a golden circlet.

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