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"Know ye, they guard forever."
-Estate Holder motto

Estate Holder is the approved in-game term for people who hold a premium subscription to DragonRealms. A premium subscription is currently $25 above the basic price of $14.95, for a total of $39.95 a month. Being an Estate Holder gives you many different benefits.

Your Own Home

When you have been a premium member for 90 consecutive days, you are eligible to own a private home. Private homes exist all over Elanthia. In your own home, you can buy your own furniture, hang your belongings on the walls, and even have a pet to keep you company. Each character on the account can own a home. For more information about the home system, click here.

Extra Characters

Premium members get 15 additional character slots. Only one of these characters can be logged in at a time. Each character on your account has access to all of the premium benefits.

Larger Vaults

The vault capacity for all characters is increased by 50 items. In addition, your vault now has drawers and shelves that you can use to help organize your items. Also, your vault space grows as you retain your premium membership, up to 5 years. You get 175 items total after 1 year premium, 200 items for the 2nd year, 225 items for the fourth year and 325 items at the fifth year. Perfect for packrats.

Bank and Vault Books

As an Estate Holder, you are entitled to both a bank book and a vault book. These items can be kept on your person, and at any time you can review them. A bank book tells you your balance at all banks in Elanthia, anywhere you do have a balance. A vault book will tell you every item that is currently stored in your vault.

Multiple Type-Ahead Lines

You get an additional type-ahead line, enabling you to type more commands into the buffer. You'll never see "You can only have 1 type ahead line" again. (Now it's 2!)

Private Areas

Members have access to a special clubhouse in each of DragonRealms' major cities - great for roleplay or relaxing away from the common throng. In addition, you have access to special hunting areas, resource gathering areas, and shops.

Some of these may allow non-Estate Holders to be led in.

Special Events

Some events are offered only to premium members, such as some auctions, raffles, alterations by Gamemasters, and roleplaying events. Each month, there is a meeting held just for premium subscribers to air any suggestions or complaints. At these meetings, you also get a free gift.

In addition, premium members are offered first dibs anytime a new quest or event is made available for U.S. dollars. They also get 10% off any quests or merchandise they purchase through the DragonRealms website, including the Simucoin store..

Customer Service

You gain access to faster assistance lines to reach a GameHost and faster referral lines to speak to a GameMaster. Basically, you're first in line if you need to speak with a Gamehost or Gamemaster about an issue.

Long Term Benefits

For each month that you maintain your premium subscription, you earn 100 points (200 if you're platinum, as well) that you can use towards some very special items. Some of the things you can purchase are alteration scrolls, unbreakable gweths, and old quest items. Custom Titles, special personal and item-related verbs, and an additional type-ahead line are some of the newly-added benefits.

A Squat Bungalow contains items that can be purchased with these accrued LTB points.

Cumulative (total) time paid as a premium subscriber counts towards your points total, though some benefits can and will be reserved for those with certain amounts of consecutive (uninterrupted) time. At this time, no further such benefits have been released.


Estate Holders get a discount on most real life money items, such as quests and the Simucoin store.


  • Premium banks with lower exchange fees.
  • Premium gem sellers who pay more.
  • Periodic offering of free gifts, usually one per character. Often set out around Estate Holder meeting events, raffles, etc.

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