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Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Unknown
Instance Prime
Relatives Rantjur


Public Records

None found.


You are Florist Eslyn Uzim, an Elf.
You have an oval face with pouting lips, pointed ears, sparkling red eyes and a straight nose. Your black hair is very long and thick, and is worn in a tousled arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a fragile Elven silver crescent moon haircomb set with tiny diamond chips. You have tanned skin and a shapely figure.
You are tall for an Elf.
Some carved black jade cats float lazily around your waist, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin.
You have a tattoo of three black stars at the corner of her right eye. A trail of dark sparks fade down her cheek and neck and cascade down to her shoulder, where they mingle with the purple hues of twilight to create queen-of-the-night lilies that rain down her arm. The blossoms tumble downwards as if caught in an errant breeze. Past her elbow, the flowers twist into a single bloom ending on your right wrist.

You are wearing a simple silver circlet with a wide band, a pair of dangling flower-shaped earrings set with tiny summer's heart sapphires, a strand of large stormy black pearls, a furry hooded cloak with long plush ears sewn onto the hood, some carved black jade cats, a silverwood short bow, a leather haversack painted in sylvan hues with a contrasting erratic lily pattern, a sleeveless blouse of deep crimson nightsilk with a silver-edged neckline, a wide silver bracelet inlaid with white diamonds and summer's heart sapphires, a shadowy spider ring with the image of a blank charger shrouded by a concealing veil etched into its abdomen, an albredine crystal ring, a lockpick ring, some tailored slim pants of deep crimson nightsilk with thin silver pinstripes and a pair of slippers imbued with night's somber hues.


    A typically quiet girl, Eslyn’s story is one of mystery, being something that she rarely, if ever talks about. Then it’s only to select people who have managed to worm their way into her life, and into a very well trusted state, and have be lucky enough to get her to speak of it.

    She was born into a noble Elven house, fathered by a Wind Elf and mothered by a Mountain Elf, and does definitely have the traits of both parents. She can very much be on the quiet side, speaking only when spoken too. However, her mind is a devious one, always plotting and calculating.

    Her early surroundings have given her all of the mannerisms of a child of nobility. Of course, using them is a completely different story. Eslyn has always felt that respect is something to be earned, and not freely given, and a lot of politeness tends to follow along with that.     It wasn’t very long before the Elves of the Mountain figured out her little half-blood secret. Her skin had tanned much easier than any of their, even with the limited sun exposure she had gotten in her short life time. Her eyes, also, were of a different hue than any of theirs – Sanguine in color.

    She was outcast from the mountain at the age of twelve.

    From there she moves from home to home, place to place, seeking refuge. Eventually this was found when she had made her way to Crossing. She managed to find some semblance of family, a couple of friends, and even a love interest. Being thirteen now, she had never experience a relationship, let alone an adult one.

    She had thought that he was all she could ever ask for. He was nice, took care of her, and treated her well…At least for a little while. It didn’t take long before he started taking advantage of the young Elf, and the abusive cycle started.

    She managed to free herself from his grasp at fifteen, though she didn’t make it out unscathed. He had beaten her down, a good bit of that mentally. He had worn her down, again, and again, and again. Made her to think that everything was her fault. He had turned her against herself.

    She spent much time alone after that. It wouldn’t be for several years that she’d reemerge into society. A few months after that she had met a somewhat flamboyant Elven man. He was upbeat and fun. However, that eventually failed. They both had very different ideals of how their relationship should be working.

    After this stint she attended the Asemath Academy for a while to bide some time. She just needed something for her mind to do instead of wander all of the time. She still kept to herself, though, and eventually wandered into the Ranger’s guild, which was made into a bit of a home for her.

    Two failed marriage in the span of 20-some years, though, would drive her out of there. One a Ranger, one a Moon Mage, and neither lasted but for a few years time. This did not wear well on her already fragile mental state, and she took some time to herself.

    Fate threw her for a bit of a loop and back within the grasp of a man that she previously shared a great deal of interest in. The two, already having previous chemistry, clicked fabulously, and wasted no time in officiating their relationship. However, as things often do, this too came to an end. Eslyn and he still remain close, like family, and she has chosen to keep his last name and continues to carry herself under the House of Uzim.

    The Elf now chooses to remain single, finding the entire concept of dating to be much more trouble than it is worth, and simply spends her time with her friends and those she considers to be family.


...has a love of lilies.
...also loves kitties.
...typically found around Rivercrossing.
...attended the recent Hallow's Eve festival.
...adores summer's heart sapphire.
...last bonded to the wonderful and feisty Rantjur Uzim.

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