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Elriic Melniibone
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Status Active
Relatives Linett



Elriic retouched.jpg

You see Knight Magister Elriic DeMooren-Melniibone, Arcane Lord of Zoluren, a Human.
He has a square-jawed face, silver-flecked red eyes and a classical nose. His platinum-streaked black hair is long and wavy, and is worn tied back. He has tanned skin and an athletic build.
He is tall for a Human.
He appears to be in his prime.
He is clean shaven
He has a tattoo of a set of stylized scales, perfectly balanced. Pale green and blue dragons reflect brightly from the polished silver metal, wrapping about the scales to meet up in the center of the device, where the words 'ZENG - TAISAL - JAAL - AES - THIA - ATRAI' are written in blood red script beneath the design on your back.

He is wearing an Imperial battle helm with gold vines embracing platinum gladiolus flowers, a worn dragonfire brocade hair tie embroidered with the six elemental symbols, a dull serpent earcuff, a glistening animite necklace suspending an engraved symbol of Meraud, a simple gold locket suspended from a simple chain, a simple wooden medallion, a fiery scarlet vela'tohr flower, a fine ivory silk shirt clasped with ivory studs, a blackened vardite pavise shield with a glaes vela'tohr flower center guard, a dragonfire brocade tunic with dark black nightsilk facings on the collar and cuffs, a bronze Trailblazer badge, a deep blue Zoluren officer's coat with silver-hemmed cuffs and bold silver buttons, a gilded damite full plate with elaborate besagues and a prominent arret, a dark silk armband embroidered with a burgundy raven, a warrior mage's wristlet intricately carved to resemble an inferno of red-gold flames, some gilded tyrium plate gauntlets with heavy damite knuckleguards, a sigilated platinum ring, a wide animite wedding band with a Gemfire ruby inset into a perfect water opal, a wide animite mourning band set with a large Zoluren white sapphire, some tailored nightsilk pants with dragonfire brocade trim, a small steel knife and some polished boots with dragonfire brocade trim and damascened metal buckles.


He was born on the 21st day of the 5th month of Uthmor the Giant in the year of the Bronze Wyvern, 323 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

Commissioned as a Commander of the Zoluren Dragoons Infantry in 374 AL. Served as a Lieutenant under Xixist, transferred command to Cyiarriah upon his retirement.

Founded the Vela'tohr Militia along with Xixist. Currently still serves as the Commander along with Xixist.


Elriic can trace his bloodline on his father's side back to the time of the Human-Elven wars. His knowledge and the stories passed down through the years made him decidedly hostile towards Elves though his experiences later in life, particular due to the time he spent in the service of Lady Lindryl have made him come to the realization that some past pain should best be left where it belongs.

On Zoluren

He is passionately pro-human and even more passionately pro-Zoluren. Having fought to defend Zoluren during almost every major conflict during the early years of his life including service as one of His Majesty, Prince Vorclaf's Militia, Elriic will rise to the call whenever Zoluren is threatened by external foes. Elriic briefly retired, but the threat of hte Elpalzi renegades once again has him wearing the uniform of the Zoluren Infantry. He currently commands The Vela'tohr, a militia group founded with principles of the Zoluren Dragoons along with Xixist.

On the Gorbesh

Elriic hates the Gorbesh passionately. He hates any sign of their empire and has been known to go through great lengths to destroy any remnents of their visit to Zoluren. He barely holds restraint when in the presence of Kaldar with few exceptions as he considers them Gorbesh themselves and was vehemently against the Kaldar being allowed citizenship in Zoluren. There are still a few unaccounted for bodies rumored to be his work, though it has never been proven and those cases are long closed.

The Warrior Mage

Elriic is a proud Warrior Mage and dedicated to maintaining the balance of the six recognized elemental forces within his guild. A vehement enemy of all who practice Blackfire, Elriic maintained a very hostile war with several known practitioners throughout his lifetime, resulting in many epic battles with the Fire Mage Magmus and his ex-wife Meanne.

Elriic was one of the adventurers who braved the volcano for vengeance following the tragic destruction of Sicle Grove and Arhat's Tower by Mibgluc. Upon slaying Mibgluc, he ripped the mage's iron mask off his face and claimed it as his prize, which to this day is kept in his vault as a reminder of the victory. Elriic considers the ruins of Arhat's Tower to be sacred ground and can occasionally be found inside the ruins meditating as it is a place of great spiritual meaning to him. Nobody is quite sure who, but he can frequently be found there talking to someone in quiet tones. Those close to him suspect he is communing with Meraud, though all wonder if he listens anymore.

Another interesting note on Elriic as a Warrior Mage is his relationship with Gauthus, the Crossing Guildmaster. Elriic and Gauthus have never seen eye to eye, frequently arguing with one another when they were younger. The relationship is so strained that there was a time when Elriic was unable to circle due to the stated goal of making Gauthus eat his companion. These days Elriic and Gauthus restrain themselves to shaking their fists at each other and glaring. It should also be known that Elriic has never received a promotion within the Warrior Mage guild's standing from anyone other than Gauthus as he considered the other Guildmasters as lesser teachers. For all the glaring and swearing, most people who know him suspect Elriic actually deeply respects the man.

His relationship with Meraud

In his youth, Elriic has had several incidents where Meraud has directly intervened in his life. Meraud has spoken and acted through his body, leaving Elriic's hair a platinum and white color since his early days of life. A mark of Elriic's experiences with Meraud can be found when he summons a very peculiar falcon. Pure white like lightning, the falcon glows with the energy of Meraud and fears no beast or man.

Personal Life

Elriic has been married once to his first love, Crysania a bond he chose to keep long after her passing. Realizing the futility of clinging to a past which will never return, he finally broke the bond a month before the sixtieth anniversary of their wedding. Recently he ran into a Bardess, Linett whom he crossed paths with before in his youth. They fell madly in love and were married in 407. He has no children..yet.

Notable Adventures

  • One of the original trailblazers of the realm.
  • Possessed by the god Meraud for a time.
  • Frequently accompanied by a glowing falcon granted to him directly by Meraud.
  • Originally a Lieutenant and co founder of the Dragoons under Xixist, took over Command for the bulk of the actual war until he passed on command to Cyiarriah at his retirement.
  • Elriic and Crysiana took part in the second sanctioned marriage in the entire realm, several days after Branwen and Havok.
  • Fought to the top of the Greater Fist to avenge the destruction of the Warrior Mage Guilds by the hands of Mibgluc.
  • Battled the Outcasts during the Outcast War.
  • Battled the Gorbesh during the Gorbesh War.

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