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Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime


You are Explorer Eldanen of Elanthia, a Human Ranger.
You have grey eyes. Your golden brown hair is short and fine, and is worn tousled. You have fair skin.
You are clean shaven.

You are wearing some gleaming mail gauntlets, a gleaming chain balaclava, some hunting leathers, a worn oilcloth rucksack with battered leather straps, a cambrinth ring, a leather sheath, a leather sack, a leather haversack, a woven willow gathering pouch, a hand-tooled quiver, and a soft gem pouch.


His background is largely unknown, as he grew up alone in the forest. He was able to comprehend interaction between the races through occasional visits to town, and infrequent encounters with people in the woods. Adept at adaption, it was not difficult for him to quickly understand the intricate nature of people. Still, he prefers solitude in his endeavors as it allows for a greater ability to absorb knowledge of the world around him. People generally seem to burden him, as they insist on babbling about things that neither important nor productive.

With an avid desire to learn, Eldanen pursues everything in the realms. He aspires to be a jack of all trades, master of most.

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