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Race Elothean
Gender Male
Instance Prime

Eladrin is an arcane paladin and with his mighty acts he brings peace and prosperity to Kermoria. Eladrin is a type of celestial of chaotic good alignment and originally hailed from the plane of Arborea before moving to Kermoria to attend culinary school.

In the year 400 an entire book devoted to Eladrin's exploits as an arcana paladin mage and French chef, called "Hero's Handbook: Eladrin" (shown left) was released. This book discusses how to make Hero sandwiches, as well as how to alienate bards by shoving them into prop trunks equipped with portals to other dimensions.

Eladrin is known to ride around Elanthia on his retarded tiger, Leroy (shown below), saving citizens from bad cuisine.


Roleplay Stance: Medium
PvP Stance: Open

Quotes about Eladrin

"We have to eat in Elanthia?" "No, but with Eladrin's cooking, you WANT to."

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