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Edelle Litalan
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime


You see Bloodbeast Edelle Litalan, a Human Barbarian.
Edelle has an oval face with elegant arched eyebrows, thick-lashed dark brown eyes and a freckled nose. Her ginger hair is long and straight, and is worn pulled back in a loose ponytail bound with a length of undyed leather. She has fair skin and a lean figure.
She is tall for a Human.
She is young for a Human.

She is wearing a polished chain helm topped with curved horns, a small silver earcuff shaped to look like a coiling snake, a raging chakrel centaur amulet hung from a black iron chain, a plain platinum torque, a fitted black leather corset side-laced with silvery silk cord, a spiked black buckler decorated with iron centaurs, an albredine crystal ring, a simple leather belt, a low-slung black leather loincloth that laces up the side and some knee-high black leather boots with thick cuffs.


Born in Wolf Clan to a hard-drinking weaponsmith and a marginalized and mostly incompetent housewife, Edelle received very little in the way of dedicated parenting. Her childhood consisted primarily of unsupervised roaming of the Clan and surrounding areas. As a teenager, she learned to wield tools and weapons and to hold her liquor - the only appreciable skills her Father had at his disposal to teach.

During her eighteenth year, Edelle’s home burned to the ground as the result of a forging accident (and several bottles of Skullcrusher) in her father’s adjoining workshed. Her father survived but he had not managed, nor made any concentrated effort, to save his wife.

At first light Edelle picked through the remnants and, retrieving only a small jar of coins, set out for the Crossing. Determined to rise above her upbringings, she eventually found herself in the presence of Agonar and pledged herself to the Barbarian’s Guild.


Roleplay: Heavy
PvP: Open
AIM: erinfriction

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