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Race Gnome
Gender Female
Guild Unknown
Instance Prime
Relatives Djareth, Djacobus


See Tinkerer Djem, Quarter Staff Practitioner, a Gnome.
She has an oval face, beady dark eyes and a freckled nose. Her black hair is long and straight, and is worn braided. She has pale skin and a lean figure.
She is short for a Gnome.
She is young.

She is holding a telescopic steel cane capped with brass in her right hand.
She is wearing a clockwork spider, a hooded midnight-blue cloak clasped at the neck with a small blue mistglass dagger, some leather cyan-lensed goggles, a fitted black leather corset side-laced with silvery silk cord, some tailored slim pants of deep blue nightsilk with thin silver pinstripes, a white gold pendant with tiny sapphire gears, a pair of earrings made of small platinum bolts with attached nuts, an acid-etched iron knife with a leather-wrapped hilt, an alabaster silk gem pouch embellished with a ghostly white swath of Albarian lace, a lockpick ring, a leather tinker's pack clasped with a set of star-stone gears carved with electrical arcs, a tiny spidersilk haversack and a leather thigh bag heavily-beaded in cambrinth accented by a symbol of the faiyka.


Djem lei' is a member of the lost Bosueq Clan of subterranean Gnomes. In the year 403, her home was invaded by the Ocular and she was forced to flee. She was captured by the Gorbesh, but escaped by stowing away in a shipping crate on a long-range merchant ship. The ship was thrown off course by a powerful storm, which the crate she was in survived and eventually washed up on the Crossing shores of the Segoltha River.

She was an Apprentice of the revered Tinkers' Guild, whose affinity with metalcrafting, mechanical engineering, and electrical manipulation made the expansive subterranean city of Kashiktlikahai (The Great Cavern) possible. Away from the Bosueq Clan, there is no Master Tinker to train her, but she has dedicated herself to uncovering the secrets of her heritage by piecing together the knowledge she brought from her Apprenticeship with the knowledge of the Kermorian guilds. To honor her people's tradition, she hones her skill with the quarterstaff.

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