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Race Gnome
Gender Male
Guild Unknown
Instance Prime
Relatives Djem, Djacobus


You see Tinkerer Djareth, a Gnome.
He has an oval face, beady black eyes and a small nose. He has cropped black hair, with pale skin and a lean build.
He is short for a Gnome.
He is an adult.
He has a thick, evenly trimmed full mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a long scruffy goatee.
His forearm has a tattoo of twin snakes coiled about one another atop a pile of skulls.

He is wearing a balanced light crossbow engraved with a delicate labyrinthine pattern, a clockwork spider, some leather rose-lensed goggles, a little traveler's cloak, a platinum pendant with tiny night diamond gears, a smooth gentleman's ring carved from onyx, an onyx lockpick ring, a nightsilk gem pouch, a dark spidersilk pouch, a rough leather tinker's pack, a tiny spidersilk haversack, a grey tinker's apron with many pockets and some black shoes with polished silver buckles.


Djareth lei' is a member of the lost Bosueq Clan of subterranean Gnomes. In the year 403, his home was invaded by the Ocular and he was forced to flee. He attempted to make a new life serving the Gorbesh with his skills as a Tinker, but soon discovered that his servitude had the price of freedom. Unwilling to acquiesce to his new would-be masters, he booked passage on the next ship sailing out of Gorbesh territory. The ship was thrown off course by a powerful storm and destroyed. Djareth survived by clinging to a wooden barrel which eventually washed up on the Crossing shores of the Segoltha.

Djareth was a potential apprentice of the revered Tinkers' Guild, whose affinity with metalcrafting, mechanical engineering, and electrical manipulation made the expansive subterranean city of Kashiktlikahai (The Great Cavern) possible. In the land of Kermoria where there is no Tinkers' Guild, he wanders the land seeking adventure and finding work where possible as a locksmith and handyman. As a combatant, he specializes in small blades and thrown weapons, and has proven a natural marksman with light crossbows.

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