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Dashya Tiravyn
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Unknown
Instance Prime


You see Rose of Zoluren Dashya Tiravyn, an Elf.
She has an angular face with a generous mouth, pointed ears, gold-flecked emerald eyes and dimples. Her red-gold hair is long and thick, and is worn tousled. She has fair skin and a slender figure.
A shimmering black diamond solitaire rests on her forehead, just above her eyes.
She is young.

She is wearing a gleaming platinum tiara, some tiny onyx earrings shaped like black orchids, a dark silk cord strung with a single black pearl, a deeply hooded cloak of black silk lined in silvery-grey, a long-stemmed ivory rose, a bone-edged black leather pack in the form of a coffin, a tight black high-necked sweater, some blonde oak bangles inlaid with night diamonds, an albredine crystal ring, a platinum and sapphire ring, a golden finger claw, a black lockpick ring, some silvery leggings with an overskirt of black nightsilk, an embossed leather band with braided tie straps and a pair of black thigh boots with low heels.


  • Dashya left her homeland of Ilithi and arrived in Zoluren in 399 AV.
  • Met a young human woman named Zevana upon her arrival, and they became partners in crime. After a brief courting the two were bonded in a private ceremony on the shore of the Segoltha River.
  • Was convinced to join in the Rose of Zoluren pagent, and much to her surprise, won.
  • Won a costume contest at the ball hosted by the Order of Apostles in honor of the 400th Anniversary of the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. She went costumed as Isilshori.


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