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Dahlestia Kuchiki
Race Elothean
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You see G'nar Pethian Dahlestia Kuchiki of the Order of the White Rose, an Elothean Moon Mage. She has elegant arched eyebrows and tilted almond-shaped sapphire eyes. Her red-gold-streaked platinum hair is very long and fine, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by an ivory haircomb adorned with silk draconeaia blossoms. She has ebon skin and a curvaceous figure.

She is wearing a double nestled armband made of cambrinth and covered with tiny gems, a silver and cambrinth pin shaped like a wide blindfold, a bronze bracelet inlaid with a cambrinth wren, an albredine crystal ring, a piece of black string dangling a black widow spider ring made of cast iron, some soft leather boots stitched with a closed eye on the cuffs, an onyx spider ring, some perfect storm-bull leathers, a delicate silver locket dusted with sparkling black opal chips, a banded cobalt albredine ring, a branch-framed canvas backpack, a simply carved maple stonebow with a bright blue leather sling, a high-collared gown of ebon nightsilk adorned with scarlet spiders, some ebony hairsticks inlaid with intricate silver webbing, a delicate sandstone seal embossed with a closed golden eye, an exquisitely woven white silk rose with an emerald green stem twined around a platinum seven-pointed star, a leather reinforced aventail, some reinforced gloves, a visored helm, a tattered purple blindfold, a silverwood longbow, a fuzzy hip pouch sewn to resemble a wolf spider, a shimmering fiery scarlet wrap wrapped with silk trimmed in fine crystal beaded fringe, a polished rosewood case clasped with a small blade spider, a black-webbed cookie bag, a cocoon woven from shimmering pearlescent spider web strands, an emerald-eyed spider and a black onyx spider anklet with an intricate white web design on its abdomen.


Adopted daughter of Tiakim and Meara Kuchiki.

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