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Crikit al'Bannin
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime

Played by Kittn, Currently Deactivated.


You see Sister Crickit al'Bannin, a Prydaen Cleric.
Crickit has pointed ears and cat-slitted violet eyes. Her white mane is long and straight, and is worn pulled up in an elaborate four-stranded braid. She has blue-grey fur with white points and white marbling and a slender tail.
She is a bird-hunter for a Prydean.

She is wearing a twisted cambrinth torque with ivory and jade inlaid terminals, a furry tan rabbit's foot, a copper and sunstone haedor, a crystal-beaded scarf of charcoal silk that is wrapped loosely around the neck and over the head, a brass cricket trinket, a dark suede duffel bag with thick leather straps, some trailing nightsilk fae wings, some finely embroidered ivory clerical robes, some polished steel scale mail with ornate crimson shoulder guards, a dark stained target shield, a pale silver prayer bead chain, a darkened silver ring engraved with a seven-pointed star, an eelskin weapons belt with jade and silver mosaic panels, a white drawstring herb pouch with a blue lining and a pair of strappy leather sandals with decorative bronze studs.


Born: 15 Lirisa 347 Obviously not a Prydaen name, Crickit was not raised by Prydaens. She was in fact raised within the monastery near Crossing. Her biological parents, having suffered much persecution after the flight from their homeland had left her there as a babe. Beyond that, she knows nothing of those that birthed her except that they might look something like she does. Raised by clerics, she was brought up worshiping the 13 and their aspects and took a shining early on to the god named Damaris due to her own tale as told to her by the brothers of the cloth.

At the age of 16 she was taken out of the monastery and sworn into the Cleric Guild so that she could begin her training as a faithful servant of the gods in Zoluren. It was there that she met an Elf named Dannrik al'Bannin who became something of a mentor to her. Setting her white-furred feet on the right path, she quickly became enamored of the tall, dark priest and followed him wherever she was able. It wasn't long until people started viewing them as father and daughter, though it would be many years before this would become official.

Many long years. Zoluren changed about her as the young cleric grew in her studies. She began to notice that not all things were -right- with the world. In effort to set some of those not-quite-right things where they ought to be, she seeks the attention of the crown but is easily overlooked due to her young age and unremarkable status. Stung, Crickit voices her feelings to a group of strangers she finds talking about the Prince. One of them, she notices, looks an awful lot like the god she had chosen to follow. So when that one, named Molphant, invites her to come along with them to a quieter place, she offers no resistance.

That path eventually got her arrested for Treason as she soon found herself wrapped up in a plot to assassinate Prince Vorclaf. In the ordeal, Molphant had vanished, leaving the group of traitors to believe they themselves had been betrayed. Luckily, they were set free by the populace of Zoluren at their trial. However, it was only the beginning of Crickit's captivity. Led back to her guild with head down, she is quickly cloistered away from the world. Her sentence is steep: 20 years seclusion away from the world.

For those 20 long years, she sees very little of her father, and then none at all as he pilgrimages southward. Alone and silent she walked the halls. Tending to the scrolls, copying manuscripts and cleaning altars. The world goes on without her. When she is at last set free from the cloisters and allowed to resume her training as a Cleric, she finds that everything she had known before had changed.

But a familiar face she soon finds. Reunited with her Elven father, she begins anew. One step at a time.

Facts and Personality

  • The monks named her Crickit for the way she talks. A sort of purry-chirping sound to her r's that never faded even after she got a fluent grasp on common.
  • Her original surname was Pretty'Paws, also given by the monks for the way she always kept her hands maddeningly clean. Obsessively washing them whenever the smallest spot of grime or blood got on them. She was recently officially adopted by Dannrik, taking his last name for her own.
  • She knows next to nothing about her homeland and the gods and traditions of the Prydaen. Her studies are limited to the 13 and their aspects.
  • She spends most of her time hunting undead, drawn to smite them for reasons she can't explain.
  • She still lives in the Cloisters of the Cleric Guild in Crossing, though she's yet to officially pledge herself to Zoluren, the memory of the day she was named a Traitor still fresh in her mind even after all this time.
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