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Coulin Anceps
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Thief
Instance Prime

You are Master Fool (a thief Imposter) Coulin Anceps, Peon of Elanthia, a Human. You have a triangular face, almond-shaped blue eyes and a straight nose. Your blonde hair is short and thick, and is worn unkempt. You have fair skin and a lean build. You are tall for a Human. You appear to be an adult. Your forearm has a tattoo of a sinister-looking fae with ruined black wings and red eyes.

He is wearing a black jester's hat, a sweeping cloak of crimson brocade, a black-checked jester's tunic stitched with bright silver thread, some slim-legged black leather pants with bones sewn into the cuffs and some jester's black knee-high boots.


Coulin was born to a prosperous farming family with a large plot in Zoluren. During his 14th year in the world, the Lyras invasion forced his family from their holdings and down to Leth Deriel with the rest of the refugees.

He is the second child of five, the rest of his siblings being female he has an odd outlook on women in general.


-Carries a matchmaker's mirror that he claims shows him if his wife-to-be is in the same province as him and will drop what he's doing and run if she is.

-Is an accomplished performer.

-Uses an accent to make him appear stupid to others.

-Steals from everyone but other Thieves, no exceptions.

-Only romances married or 'taken' women but will compliment them all.

-Will never kill someone that is attacking him for stealing from them.

-Has killed only three people for personal reasons. The rest were killed during invasions.

-Never bows, he believes it's disgustingly obsequious.

-Distrusts nobility.

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