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The Commune command is used by Clerics to gauge their Devotion and to start/monitor their Communes


Something like this page in game.
Also tells you what communes you have learned.
Provides a message indicating current level of devotion.
Will list all currently active Communes. It has a base round time of 10 seconds that is lowered by 1 second for every 10 points of Wisdom.




You begin to act like you are trying to commune with your god, but you have no idea if you are doing it correctly.



Lists Devotion Level.


There are slight variations on messaging based on the particular Commune.

Tamsine's Commune/Eluned's Commune/Hodierna's Commune

  • A spark of <Immortal>'s spirit is within you.
  • <Immortal> is smiling down on you.
  • <Immortal>'s benevolent eyes are upon you.
  • <Immortal>'s influence is woven into your spirit.
  • The blessing of <Immortal> is with you.
  • The miracle of <Immortal> has manifested about you.
  • The power of <Immortal> is channeling through you.
  • You are being favored by <Immortal>.
  • You are touched by <Immortal>.
  • You are under the auspices of <Immortal>.

Eluned's Commune II

  • A spark of Eluned's spirit is within the water here.
  • Eluned is smiling down on the water here.
  • Eluned's benevolent eyes are upon the water here.
  • Eluned's influence is woven into the water here.
  • The blessing of Eluned is with the water here.
  • The miracle of Eluned has manifested about the water here.
  • The power of Eluned is channeling through the water here.
  • The water here is being favored by Eluned.
  • The water here is touched by Eluned.
  • The water here is under the auspices of Eluned.

Meraud's Commune

  • A spark of Meraud's spirit is within the area.
  • Meraud is smiling down on the area.
  • Meraud's benevolent eyes are upon the area.
  • Meraud's influence is woven into the area.
  • The blessing of Meraud is with the area.
  • The miracle of Meraud has manifested about the area.
  • The power of Meraud is channeling through the area.
  • The area is being favored by Meraud.
  • The area is touched by Meraud.
  • The area is under the auspices of Meraud.
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