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Emotive command used to hold something really tightly.

Syntax and Messaging

Regular -
You clench your fist.
<Person> clenches <his/her> fist.
Barbarian -
Your muscles ripple and your veins begin to stick out as you clench your fist.
<Person's> muscles ripple and <his/her> veins begin to stick out as <he/she> clenches <his/her> fist.
  • CLENCH TEETH: You grit your teeth.
<Person> grits <his/her> teeth.
  • CLENCH <person>: You reach your shaking hands out to <person> and imagine wadding <him/her> up into a little ball.
<Person> reaches <his/her> shaking hands out toward you, face twisted in an odd grin.
  • CLENCH <item>: You clench your <item> tightly until your knuckles go white.
<Person> clenches <his/her> <item> tightly until <his/her> knuckles go white.
  • CLENCH <self>: You ball up your fists stiffly at your side.
<Person> balls up <his/her> fists stiffly at <his/her> side.
  • CLENCH <self> (while lying down): You roll yourself into a ball.
<Person> rolls <him/her>self into a ball.
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